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Tuneable soft X-ray light source

24 July 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

The new 642-1 Soft X-Ray (SXR) light source from McPherson has a six-position anode carousel, so users can change anode target materials without breaking vacuum. Using different anode materials allows tuning of the emitted eV energy. The vacuum housing of the source features standard NW40K vacuum flanges (optionally DN40CF). It also has two equivalent output beams; these provide ability for sample/reference comparison and device calibration. The new source provides reliable emission-line source and means for at-wavelength calibration, or metrology of SXR lithography materials, multilayers or grazing incidence optical systems for astrophysics and other fundamental research.

This electron impact light source uses a hot filament to produce electrons subsequently accelerated towards a solid anode target by high voltage. The SXR and extreme UV output emission spectrum follows the target anode material valence band structure. Anodes in the carousel can be exchanged to produce the desired wavelengths, for example Si (0.71 nm), Mg (0.98 nm), C (4.4 nm) with many different anodes available. This source is different from other sealed single wavelength x-ray tubes, because a selection of materials is installed in the evacuated housing at one time.

The controller for the new SXR source has also been improved. It provides emission loop regulation for control of the filament and high voltage. One easily operated controller drives source parameters and allows adjusting high-voltage to 10,000 V and current up to 10 mA. The new source is compact and controllable, output is debris free. Stable operation is attained with vacuum of 5 × 10–5 Torr or lower. The source is available on special order with powers high as 300 W. Filter wheels, gate valves, pinhole collimators and energy- or other standard detectors are also available.