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Sciex launches tandem mass spectrometers for clinical diagnostics laboratories

23 January 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Sciex Diagnostics, the in vitro diagnostics division of Sciex, has launched the Citrine™ Triple Quad™ MS/MS and Citrine™ QTRAP® MS/MS systems for clinical diagnostics. The Citrine system is designed for clinical labs that require high sensitivity, throughput, wide dynamic range and the ability to employ simplified sample preparation. The Citrine MS/MS system enables trace level analysis, comprehensive panels and the measurement of both large and small molecules. Triple quadrupole and QTRAP models of the system are available, each offering the sensitivity to measure metabolites and biomarkers at picomole concentrations. In addition, the QTRAP technology enables workflows that provide quantitative and qualitative analysis in a single injection, and allow the use of selective MRM3 quantitation to eliminate interferences.

The system is powered by the Analyst®MD software, for intuitive instrument control and data processing. The second generation IonDrive™ Turbo V ionisation source provides robust performance when analysing even the most complex biological samples, maximises uptime and enables the use of simpler sample preparation strategies.

The system offers electrospray ionisation (ESI) and atmospheric chemical ionisation (APCI) options, an extended mass range up to m/z 2000 and a wide linear dynamic range, measurement of a large variety of polar and non-polar biomarkers and metabolites in biological fluids, over a large range of concentrations.

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