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PerkinElmer Launches Spectrum Two™ N FT-NIR System

9 August 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

PerkinElmer has introduced the Spectrum Two N™ transportable FT-NIR system. This instrument is designed for laboratory technicians and staff using molecular spectroscopy to analyse a wide range of pharmaceutical, food and industrial samples. The Spectrum Two N has three sampling modules. A plug-and-play NIR reflectance module for fast, simple measurements for detection of raw materials; a heatable transmission module with three heating vials that is suitable for heating solid fraction oils such as coconut and palm oils; and a remote sampling module that provides a trigger-based probe for through-the-container analysis. Atmospheric vapour compensation is a digital filtering algorithm that automatically compensates for water absorption, and OpticsGuard provides a protective humidity barrier that allowing the instrument to be used in inhospitable working environments. A further feature, Absolute Virtual Instrument™, enables instruments to be accurately calibrated during standardisation using gas-phase spectra.