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New vacuum pumps from Leybold

1 December 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Leybold has expanded its ECODRY plus product family of dry multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps for laboratory, R&D and analytical applications. The new, smaller pumps, ECODRY 25 and 35 plus, complete the range of quiet, low-maintenance and economical fore-vacuum pumps and fill the gap between SCROLLVAC 18 plus and ECODRY 40 plus. The new pumps are particularly quiet, with a noise level of 52 dB(A). They also emit neither oil vapour nor particles, important in research institutes and laboratories where a clean working environment is essential. Their maintenance interval is five years, during which they require no servicing. Customers have the option of connecting a pressure gauge directly to the vacuum pump. With the help of the gauge, the pump monitors the pressure: if this is low enough, the pump can reduce its speed and becomes quieter, more energy-efficient and emits less heat.

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