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LEYSPEC residual gas analyser for vacuum systems

15 November 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Leybold has launched the LEYSPEC for residual gas analysis in vacuum systems. The product series is available in six variants covering basic and extended residual gas analysis methods in high and ultra-high vacuum applications. The analyser has an integrated display and, at the touch of a button, can display the partial pressures of the relevant gases at any time. If the user is interested in an additional gas in the process, another channel can be individually assigned to it. LEYSPEC software enables a wide range of applications, from simple operations to complex analyses. The software always displays the total pressure. Additional test procedures and functionalities are pre-installed, such as the helium leak test or the setting of warnings and error limits for certain gases. Simple gas analyses can be performed without connecting the LEYSPEC to a computer.

The range offers products for 100, 200 or 300 amu, depending on process requirements. The LEYSPEC view version is suitable for residual gas analyses in high-vacuum pumping stations, in research and development applications as well as for environmental tracking and gas impurity analyses. The LEYSPEC ultra variant is designed for sophisticated residual gas analyses with higher sensitivity, reliable detection of very low partial pressures and higher bake-out temperatures.