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Kappa number NIR analyser

1 December 2015 | Product
by Katie Michael

FITNIR Analyzers has launched the latest addition to its suite of process analysers. The FITNIR Kappa measures the kappa number of wood pulp, which plays a critical role in the efficiency of digester and bleaching operations. Wet pulp samples are simply washed with water and pressed into a pad, which is then analysed by the spectrometer within 20 s. Procurement applications and final product testing is also now possible. “FITNIR Kappa is the first of its kind to directly measure kappa number on dry pulp sheets without the use of chemicals, yet can provide rapid, reliable and accurate results,” explains Thanh Trung, VP of Technology. “The data from FITNIR Kappa lends itself to process optimisation, ensuring the target product quality is reached and maintained.”These uses are only the tip of the iceberg for this versatile technology. Applications are already available for Air Dry (AD) content, while many other possible parameters for improving product quality are in development. FITNIR Kappa represents a paradigm shift in how pulp properties measurement is done. Its simplicity reduces operator-to-operator variability while providing faster, more accurate results for improved efficiency and profitability.