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FLIMbee fast scanning add-on for PicoQuant’s MicroTime 200 platform

28 April 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

The FLIMbee galvo scanner add-on has been released for the MicroTime 200 time-resolved microscopy platform from PicoQuant. This new scanner provides flexibility in scanning speed, ranging from very slow to fast, whilst maintaining the spatial precision of the MicroTime 200. The FLIMbee is designed to minimise vignetting of the image field and to ensure a constant focal volume over a wide scan range. The fast scanning option enables imaging of quickly occurring changes in samples and of fast chemical or physical processes. In combination with the rapidFLIM technique, it is possible to acquire more than 15 FLIM images per second, opening opportunities to explore the dynamic processes of life in much greater detail. Slower scanning speeds are optimal for applications such as phosphorescence lifetime imaging (PLIM), which can provide deeper insights into the charge carrier dynamics of semi-conductors, for example.

The MicroTime 200 platform is a flexible and extensible high-end research tool for experiments requiring single molecule sensitivity. Such a system equipped with a FLIMbee scanner can be used for single molecule detection (SMD) methods such as pulsed interleaved excitation (PIE), Förster resonance transfer (FRET), stimulated emission depletion (STED) super-resolution microscopy, fluorescence (lifetime) correlation spectroscopy (F(L)CS), fluorescence lifetime cross-correlations spectroscopy (FLCCS), dual-focus FCS (2fFCS), anisotropy measurements and two-photon excitation (TPE) with descanned or non-descanned detection.