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Dioxin and PCB cleanup

17 February 2016 | Product
by Ian Michael

The GO-xHT clean-up system from Miura Institute of Environmental Science is available in Europe through Shimadzu. The GO-xHT is targetted at dioxins and PCBs analyses of food and feedstuffs. It offers high throughput whilst saving solvents and eliminating cross contamination: 1 mL extracts use less than 100 mL of solvent per sample. Further, this consists of 85 mL of hexane and 2 mL of toluene and no dichloromethane. Three GO-xHT versions are available with two, four or six columns in parallel. The system can be purchased on its own or packaged with Shimadzu’s GCMS-TQ8040 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, the combination of which fulfills the new EU 589/2014 regulation on analysing dioxins and PCBs.

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