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Xavo and BSSN Software use the AnIML standard to improve data accessibility

18 September 2015 | News
by Ian Michael

Xavo and BSSN Software have announced a collaboration that integrates Seahorse Scientific Workbench and Xavo Lab Logistics. The joint solution enables customers to review analytical and biological screening results in the context of their sample management system. This end-to-end integration of instrument data into the screening workflow will lead to faster results, improved data quality, and reduced errors.

Seahorse Scientific Workbench from BSSN Software is a vendor-independent, scientific visualisation suite for capturing, analysing and sharing analytical and biological data. It supports the AnIML data standard and many other common scientific data formats. Xavo Lab Logistics (XLL) from Xavo is a sample management solution to track all types of activities in the lab.

Since XLL provides information about sample history and genealogy, the combination with Seahorse enables users to visualise measurement data in the context of the sample and the associated screening workflows. With this new feature, users can select a single measurement, sample or substance and see all available data without having to use multiple applications. The integration of Seahorse and XLL also allows for in-process control. This feature uses the Seahorse viewer to show newly acquired data, enabling the lab operator to quickly decide if a measurement is valid or needs to be repeated.

“The sample management and logistics features of XLL are a great extension to our Seahorse platform”, said Burkhard Schaefer, President of BSSN Software. Thomas Frech, Product Manager of XLL commented: “XLL connects instruments from different vendors. Integrating with Seahorse and the AnIML standard data helps users gain additional insights into their data.”

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