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Launch of Shimadzu’s European Innovation Center

10 March 2017 | News
by Ian Michael

Shimadzu has opened its European Innovation Center. This is a Think Tank that merges Shimadzu’s analytical technologies with market and scientific knowledge from leaders, strategic thinkers and scientific experts to create new solutions.

Leading scientists from well-known European universities provide the academic part of the Shimadzu European Innovation Center. For years, they have cooperated with Shimadzu in various projects. Their scientific focus areas include clinical applications, imaging technology, food and composites, with an emphasis on new methods, tools, techniques, diagnostics and solutions. Their work can be expected, for example, to further bridge the gap between analytical and medical research, and further improve patients’ health as well as consumer and environmental protection.

In clinical, imaging, food and composites, the Shimadzu European Innovation Center will explore four main areas:

  • Trends & Demands: based on European needs and demands
  • Adaptation & Development, i.e. special accessories and jigs, adaptations, special software, new and special methods
  • Compliance to European regulations, such as official regulations and standards, local rules and languages
  • Strong cooperation: between Shimadzu’s Innovation Centers and Shimadzu’s R&D team, developing global solutions based on global needs.

“It is our commitment to society and ourselves that Shimadzu remains dedicated in our pursuit of technology and accumulation of knowledge, so that we can offer even more outstanding technologies, products, and services, so as to be recognized for excellence in the field of science,” said Dr Teruhisa Ueda, President and CEO of Shimadzu Corporation. There are already Shimadzu Innovation Centers located in Maryland, USA, Singapore and Beijing, China where they serve as drivers of joint research and new product developments.

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