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Free hyperspectral software

6 May 2021 | News
by Ian Michael

Journal Spotlight: Multi- and hyperspectral imaging modalities encompass a growing number of spectral techniques that find many applications in geospatial, biomedical, machine vision and other fields. The rapidly increasing number of applications requires convenient easy-to-navigate software that can be used by new and experienced users to analyse data, and develop, apply and deploy novel algorithms. The authors present their software platform, IDCube Lite, an Interactive Discovery Cube that performs essential operations in hyperspectral data analysis to realise the full potential of spectral imaging. The strength of the software lies in its interactive features that enable the users to optimise parameters and obtain visual input for the user in a way not previously accessible with other software packages. The software can be operated without any prior programming skills allowing interactive sessions of raw and processed data. IDCube Lite, a free version of the software described in the paper, has many benefits compared to existing packages and offers structural flexibility to discover new, hidden features that allow users to integrate novel computational methods.

Read the original journal paper in Journal of Spectral Imaging

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