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25 years of PicoQuant

30 July 2021 | News
by Ian Michael

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of PicoQuant, who develop and manufacture high-quality photonic components and instrumentation. “It has been an exciting and successful journey for us at PicoQuant. When we started in 1996, I could not imagine that we would—one day—be a company with over 125 employees globally. I am also very proud that we are successfully making complex scientific applications accessible to researchers all over the world”, says Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director and one of the company founders.

PicoQuant was founded in 1996 by four young scientists and engineers who set themselves the goal to develop optical instrumentation designed by scientists for scientists. The company focused from the beginning on offering innovative and high-quality products for international customers working as researchers in various scientific fields. By staying true to this standard, the company became a world leader in the field of time-resolved optical measurements. The company’s product portfolio covers a broad range of products, instrumentation and applications. Looking back and forward, Rainer Erdmann says: “I am really proud that we contributed with our solutions to more than 7000 scientific publications and that our Single Molecule Workshop, which will be held for the 26th time in September this year, has attracted more than 2000 international scientists including Nobel Prize winners over the years. In the future, we expect to continue fulfilling our mission statement: providing outstanding solutions for researchers in academia and industry all over the world.”

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