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What Quest ATR interchangeable puck should you choose?

Specac offer a range of easily interchangeable puck choices for the Quest. This information helps you to choose the most suitable option for your application. First chose your puck style and then select the crystal.

Puck Style

Each crystal can be mounted in one of two pucks:

Flat puck

This puck is primarily designed for use with solids and liquids with a high surface viscosity.

Liquids puck

For samples with a low surface viscosity sample retention on a flat puck can be difficult. For these applications Specac also produce this puck. Also suitable for small solids.

Crystal Choice

When choosing a crystal, it is important to consider refractive index of your crystal (nc) and sample (ns), chemical compatibility and the spectral range. Crystals are sealed into your puck of choice using an all metal seal preventing the appearance of unwanted lines in the background spectrum.

  • Standard diamond puck
  • Extended range diamond puck
  • Germanium puck
  • Silicon puck
  • Zinc selenide puck

Additional Options

Anvil: Flat anvil suitable for most sample types. Pellet anvil aids location of pellets over crystal. Both are supplied with every Quest unit.

Volatiles cover: To reduce evaporation and contain samples. Supplied with every Quest unit.

Flow through Anvil: Adapts the flat puck for the study of any liquid. Fitted with Luer lock fittings for easy sample transfer. Optional Extra.

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