Informing Spectroscopists for Over 40 Years

XXXIV European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy (EUCMOS 2018)

19 August 2018 to 24 August 2018

The EUROPEAN CONGRESS ON MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY (EUCMOS) is one of the most traditional and prestigious meetings at world scale dedicated to Spectroscopy and related fields. Its history can be traced back to 1947, and it has been, for more than 70 years, a priviledged forum for scientific discussion at the service of spectroscopy in Europe and in the world. Many of the most influent spectroscopists from all around the world have participated in the EUCMOS congresses and ellected these meetings as an excellent opportunity to communicate their achievements and got new ideas.

The scope of EUCMOS 2018 is to encourage the exchange of ideas and the collaboration among people interested in various forms of molecular spectroscopy, to help the identification of new trends and to define future objectives in this field. All aspects of spectroscopic methods and techniques (including applications), as well as computational and theoretical approaches for the investigation of structure, dynamics and properties of molecular systems will be considered in EUCMOS 2018.