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Raman seminar at the Natural History Museum

Prominent scientists from a diverse range of disciplines presented their Raman research covering a variety of applications. Topics included: the analysis of ancient artefacts; live cell imaging; biopharmaceutical applications; and the investigation of new materials for solar panels. In addition to the exciting line-up of world-class speakers, demonstrations of the inVia Raman microscope’s unparalleled flexibility and imaging capabilities, data analysis clinics, and behind-the scenes tours of the Natural History Museum, further contributed to the informative and lively atmosphere.

Renishaw would like thank Chris Collins at the Natural History Museum for helping to organise the event, and for providing the venue and Museum tours.

“This was an exciting meeting for the NHM to hold, highlighting the diversity of research being undertaken using Raman and the future research directions we can take using this exciting technology” Chris Collins, Natural History Museum.