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Quantifying Simeticone according to European Pharmacopoeia Standard 10.0

FT-IR spectra showing the CH3 deformation vibration of simeticone

Learn how the Specac Pearl can be used to quantify the percentage content of Simeticone in your tablets using a toluene-acid extraction. Determination of the API (active pharmaceutical incipient) in a finished pharmaceutical product is critical to ensure the patient receives a safe dosage. FT-IR spectroscopy is a rapid, low cost technique that can give quantitative measurements in seconds to the QC analyst.

Simeticone is used for the treatment of flatulence, trapped wind and colic in babies. The European Pharmacopoeia Standard 10.0 (01/2017:1470) sets out a method for the use of an FT-IR transmission measurement to determine the % content of a sample, using a toluene extraction method. Here we demonstrate that the Pearl is fully compliant with this standard and more broadly a great choice for the quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical products.

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