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A new tool to aid wavelength validation in the NIR region

Whilst the verification of the wavelength scale is fundamentally important to any quality spectroscopic measurement, it is of particular importance in the NIR, where small wavelength errors can add significantly to the uncertainty of the multivariate calibration set. Unfortunately, convenient reference materials have been hard to come by, either because they have too few peaks across the region or require the use of volatile solvents. For example, the current European Pharmacopoeia specifies the use of dichloromethane, in a short path (1 mm) cell—but this reference only provides three peaks across the region. Primary glass filter materials are available from National Reference laboratories, for use in both transmittance and reflectance modes, but are expensive for routine laboratory use. The new Starna NIR reference provides 13 certified and traceable peak values using a new material, developed at Starna’s Technical Division, Starna Scientific. Whilst this material is available in a conventional heat-fused sealed 10 mm path length, this new member of Starna’s catalogue of traceable liquid CRMs also comes in a unique format, matched to a configuration often available in commercial fibre-optic based NIR instrumentation. In one orientation it can be used as a 10 mm path length transmittance reference, and when rotated by 90° becomes a 5 mm transflectance (T*) reference—in this orientation the rear cell window has a reflective coating. All Starna references are produced in an ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accredited environment, meeting the highest available regulatory standards.

Visit www.starna.com or call Starna Scientific on + 44 (0) 20 8501 5550 for more information.

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