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EDXRF analysis of carbon black

Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products and is mainly used as a reinforcing filler in tyres and other rubber products, and is used to strengthen engine hoses and gear belts. It is also used as copier toner inks and as pigment in polymers. The elemental characterisation of carbon black is critical in ensuring proper quality of the contingent products.

A method is described in this application note for the elemental analysis of carbon black using the Rigaku NEX DE EDXRF analyser. The report includes complete information about sample preparation and detailed analysis results. For the analysis detailed in this note, measurements were performed with the NEX DE EDXRF analyser with 60 kV excitation source and a high-resolution and high-throughput Silicone Drift Detector. The RPF-SQX software enables semi-quantitative analysis without the need for assayed reference materials and offers a simple, intuitive process for elemental identification (Na–U), screening and characterisation of raw materials and final products.

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