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Direct trace-element analysis in cell culture media and raw materials

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Raw material preparation and formulation is a known source of elemental content and variation in cell culture media. Other sources of trace metal concentrations and variability include the leaching of trace metals from bioreactors, preparation vessels and storage containers. Quality control in cell culture media is essential for reducing variability and ensuring improved production yields. In this application note, a wide spectrum of elements in cell culture media samples were analysed with high accuracy and precision using PerkinElmer’s NexION® 5000 Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS instrument, the industry’s first four-quadrupole ICP-MS system. The instrument’s interference removal capabilities deliver interference-free analysis that in turn leads to extremely low detection limits. Plus, Extended Dynamic Range allows for the analysis of both low- and high-concentration elements within a single analytical run, which, coupled with the High Throughput System, dramatically contribute to the overall accuracy, stability and improved productivity of the system.

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