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Analysis of highly fluorescent chemical materials: comparison between traditional and eXTRaction fluorescence-reducing Raman technologies

Photo of the MIRA DS in action

Use of handheld Raman analysers for industrial applications is limited by the fluorescent properties of the sample materials. Although fluorescence reduction is achieved with 1064 nm Raman, the higher laser power and longer integration time come with the risk of sample damage or ignition. The ideal Raman solution minimises measurement time and laser power while also providing a well-defined signal. Additionally, the ability to measure through containers and from a distance is required to reduce human interaction with hazardous samples.

This application note compares intelligent spectra eXTRaction Raman technology with conventional 785 nm and 1064 nm Raman devices for the analysis of chemicals that are difficult to measure due to their known fluorescent properties. Additional experiments were made to compare signal-to-noise ratios and to demonstrate analysis from a distance.

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