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10 Jun 2016

New broad-band tuneable infrared laser is single-chip, solid-state and offers high-power rapid tuning.

3 Jun 2016

FT-IR spectroscopy can greatly increase the amount of information that can be extracted from a protein microarray. High-quality spectra can be obtained from spots of protein no larger than the diameter of a human hair.

18 Mar 2016

Entries for the IRDG Chalmers and Dent Student Travel Award for a PhD to present their research at the SciX meeting.

Time-domain interference signal of the beats between the two frequency-agile laser combs and part of the resulting spectrum of the CO2 molecule. (Graphic: MPQ, Laser Spectroscopy Division)
23 Dec 2015

Electro-optic modulators, which can switch light on and off within just picoseconds, are enabling ever faster telecommunication over fibre optics, and the same tools have now been harnessed for high-speed and accurate molecular sensing in the near infrared.

18 Dec 2015

ChromaDex and American Laboratories have announced the release of a Fourier transform near infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy based identification method for the positive identification of desiccated bovine and porcine glandular tissues used in nutritional product formulations.

11 Dec 2015

Panorama Synergy Limited has entered into an exclusive global licensing agreement with The University of Western Australia (UWA) for its MEMS-based optical spectroscopy sensor technology.

8 Dec 2015

Panorama Synergy Limited has entered into an exclusive global licensing agreement with The University of Western Australia (UWA) for its MEMS-based optical spectroscopy sensor technology.

9 Oct 2015

The combination of X-ray structure analysis, infrared spectroscopy and computer simulations has been used to study the switch proteins Ran and Ras with subatomic resolution.

7 Oct 2015

A metamaterial absorber capable of highly sensitive infrared detection enhances the spectroscopy of tiny molecular details.

Diagram showing the emission spectrum of the laser and molecular fingerprint regions
22 Sep 2015

A new infrared light source with unprecedented sensitivity allows molecular fingerprints of cancer cells.

Schematic of local water structures being probed using ultrafast laser pulses
18 Sep 2015

Ultrafast infrared spectroscopy has shown that long-lived sub-structures exist in liquid water by measuring the vibrations of the O–H bonds.

11 Sep 2015

Rand Capital Corporation has invested $250,000 as part of a $4.3 million equity capital funding round in SciAps, Inc., manufacturer of handheld analytical instruments. The funding round was led by new investor Jolimont Global Mining Systems with participation from Rand Capital, and other existing investors including SciAps CEO and Founder Donald Sackett, as well as two additional new investors.

20 Aug 2015

In initial tests, a novel near infrared spectroscopy device assesses shock severity as accurately as a standard blood sample, without a single needle prick.

12 Aug 2015

A microscope being developed at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory will allow scientists studying biological and synthetic materials to simultaneously observe chemical and physical properties on and beneath the surface.

11 Aug 2015

Daylight Solutions, Inc., has received two new awards for their Spero™ microscope. Spero was awarded the 6th Annual Microscopy Today Innovation Award and was also named a finalist in the 2015 R&D 100 Awards taking place later this year.

10 Aug 2015

Keynote speakers for NIR-2015 are announced, including the Tomas Hirschfeld and Karl Norris Award Lectures.

7 Aug 2015

Germanium immersion gratings could enable smaller, higher-efficiency infrared spectrometers for astronomy and other applications.

28 Jul 2015

Diseases like Alzheimer’s are caused when proteins aggregate and clump together. Using atomic force microscopy and infrared spectroscopy, EPFL scientists have successfully distinguished between the disease-causing aggregation forms of proteins. The finding can help change pharmaceutical treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

22 Jul 2015

Mark Venske has joined Block Engineering as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Visitors at a poster session
21 Jul 2015

Nano-Spectroscopy and Bio-Imaging is a free-to-attend conference in October 2015 held in Coventry, UK.