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Raman Spectroscopy


3 May 2017

Next generation of WITec’s optical profilometer which has improvements in ease of use, accelerated workflow and methodological advantages. TrueSurface ensures that Raman spectra are acquired precisely along a surface or at a set, user-defined, distance from a surface.

Suite Five

3 May 2017

Software and hardware improvements for Raman scanning-probe microscopes. A new software wizard guides the user through the complete investigation, from initial settings and acquisition through data and image post-processing. Presets and highlighted analytical paths speed up the generation of images. TrueComponent Analysis is a post-processing function for confocal Raman imaging measurements that automatically establishes the number of components in a sample, locates them in the image and differentiates their individual spectra.

iXR Raman spectrometer

3 May 2017

Compact Raman spectrometer designed to be combined with complementary techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction or rheology. It uses optical interfacing to enable simultaneous collection of a chemical fingerprint and material structure data, and elemental or physical information, and the immediate correlation of such data.

Mira M-3 handheld Raman spectrometer

3 May 2017

Not much larger than a smartphone can be operated with one hand and meets the regulatory requirements of FDA CFR 21 Part 11. Operating procedures can be customised, and routine users make their measurement with the push of a button. It includes a vial holder (for powders and liquids) and a tablet holder which can be used without any further laser protection. Attachments are also available for contact measurements through barriers (such as glass bottles).

EasyNav Software

3 May 2017

Contains three separate applications for navigating and acquiring Raman images. NavMap is a video feature that shows the whole sample and the zoomed sample’s image in the region of interest simultaneously. NavSharp enables sharp and rapid navigation on a sample image with any topography, keeping the field of view constantly focussed on the sample surface. View Sharp constructs an image in which all surfaces are in focus simultaneously, and creates a 3D topographical image.

MacroRAM benchtop Raman spectrometer

3 May 2017

Based on a 120-mm focal length spectrograph with a single aberration-corrected concave grating with a flat field output. The detector is a back-thinned CCD cooled to –50°C. The MacroRAM includes a standard interlocked sample compartment and holders for cuvette-based liquid measurements as well as a solid sample holder. A thermostatted cuvette holder is also available. A fibre port is standard.

Reva educational Raman package

3 May 2017

Affordable package that includes the instrumentation (with integrated CPU), software and courseware for learning Raman spectroscopy. It incorporates Marqmetrix’s BallProbe technology and TouchRaman which enables reproducible measurements.

i-Raman Pro-ST

3 May 2017

Addition to the range of i-Raman portable spectrometers that offers the capability to “see through” opaque containers such as white plastic bottles or paper envelopes. It is an integrated system with a tablet computer pre-installed with BWSpec Mobile software. There is a battery option for easy portability. The system is supplied with a See_Through fibre optic Raman probe.

Raman microspectroscopy is a rapid technique to authenticate edible bird’s nest—a glycoprotein

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Edible bird’s nest (EBN) is a highly valued food, especially in China. Due to this, there is the potential to bulk out the EBN with artificial additives to receive a higher price. This article shows yet another way in which spectroscopy is used to detect adulteration of food and prevent fraud in a quick and cost-­effective manner.


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