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10th World Conference on Sampling and Blending

Correct sampling and analysis of raw materials are essential to ensure well-documented product quality and to contribute to a reduced environmental footprint. To this end, the WCSB10 conference covers the latest research and application experience of the Theory of Sampling and Blending.

31 May–2 June 2022, Kristiansand, Norway

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In the new Sampling Column, Kim Esbensen and Claas Wagner tell us about hetergeneity and why it is everywhere and should always be considered when sampling. The next issue will see a second part looking at how to avoid the errors involved in sampling heterogeneous materials—and that is all of them!

Issue 27/2 (2015)

Further introduction to the Theory of Sampling by Kim Esbensen and Claas Wagner

Issue 27/1 (2015)

This is a new column on Sampling, edited by Kim Esbensen and Claas Wagner. I really only became aware of the Theory of Sampling (TOS) following conversations with Kim at the NIR-2013 conference in La Grande Motte, near Montpellier, France. I won’t steal Kim and Claas’ thunder by going into detail, but I see this new column as a perfect complement to our others. Ian Michael, editor.

Issue 26/6 (2014)