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Compact MEMS FT-NIR spectrometer

29 January 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Ocean Insight has introduced a compact spectral sensor with a wavelength range of 1350–2500 nm. The NanoQuest is a MEMS-based FT-NIR spectrometer in a small and more accessible package. The NanoQuest uses patented micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology that allow a continuous-wave Michelson interferometer to be created monolithically on a MEMS chip. This enables detection of all wavelengths simultaneously across the 1350–2500 nm spectral range, using a single-photodetector design to reduce instrument footprint and maintain low-noise, high-stability performance. Each NanoQuest comes with an optical fibre and operating software and can be coupled to Ocean Insight light sources and accessories to configure systems for absorbance/transmission or reflectance measurements. Typical NanoQuest NIR applications include authentication of counterfeit products; characterisation and quantification of food, soil nutrients and industrial materials; and compositional analysis of bodily fluids and other biological specimens. For industrial applications, NanoQuest offers the advantages of scalability, low power needs, and tolerance to vibration and other motion effects.

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