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High-pressure XPS of Energy Materials 2

Wednesday, 20 September 2017
United Kingdom

A day of invited and contributed talks on the application of near-ambient pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to surfaces for energy applications including fuel cells, photocatalytic surfaces, gas storage, batteries, photovoltaics and more. Registration is free for speakers and attendees. Abstract submissions for talks are welcomed on these subjects and also on the related topics of post-mortem XPS following ambient-pressure gas exposure, in-situ electrochemical cells and HP/NAP/AP-XPS studies in general. Contributed talks are also encouraged on the topic of energy materials and devices that pose challenges that could be addressed by near-ambient pressure XPS. Attendees from all XPS and energy related research areas (and all stages from postgraduate to senior researchers) are very welcome in addition to those that just want to find out more about XPS at near-ambient pressures. The meeting is organised by the University of Nottingham Energy Technologies Research Institute (ETRI) and the IOP Thin Films & Surfaces Group. A great opportunity to get together to think about the role surface science plays in energy applications.