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Bunsentagung 2019 - 118th General Assembly of the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

 30 May 2019 to 1 June 2019

The 118th Bunsentagung takes place together with the biannual meeting of the Division of Physical Chemistry of EuCheMS, which recognizes and celebrates the internationality of Physical Chemistry. The Bunsentagung 2019 will provide an excellent platform for fruitful research exchange with a focus on the application of physical and theoretical chemistry in interdisciplinary research and industrial innovations. Finally, the meeting will provide a platform for all generations of physical chemists from all throughout Europe to mix and share ideas and perspectives both on science and education and discuss avenues to tackle the scientific and societal challenges ahead of Physical Chemistry.

The focus of the 118th Bunsentagung is on functional materials. Functional materials form the core of many modern technologies, e.g. in energy conversion and storage, heterogeneous catalysis, drug delivery, implants, biosensors and optical devices. The challenges in the design and characterization of modern materials are diverse and interdisciplinary. They require joint research across scientific boundaries. The most challenging tasks range from the synthesis of materials, the developments of novel experimental characterization tools and theoretical methods for atomistic description of material properties, in silico material screening for tailoring the interaction of materials with their environment and device engineering. Physical Chemistry is a key scientific discipline for successful achivement of these tasks.

During the conference a number of invited internationally recognized scientists will highlight the topic. Moreover, around one hundred contributed talks will be presented in the focused sessions.

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