Informing Spectroscopists for Over 40 Years

7th International Symposium on Metallomics

 30 June 2019 to 3 July 2019

The main objective of the scientific programme will be to reflect the interdisciplinarity of metallomics, the integrated biometal science in a balanced and representative way by inviting the renowned and ascending scientists to present their cutting-edge research in each of the concerned disciplines. The leitmotiv of the programme will be the understanding of the interactions of metal ions, their chemical structures in the biological systems, the biological functions these structures acquire and the fine-tuning of their usage in biology with a focus on a global multimetal approach.

We have the ambition to take and develop further the best ideas from the heritage of the six former successful International Metallomics Symposia. We will assure the representative coverage of latest developments in analytical chemistry, biology and biochemistry addressing the role of essential and toxic metals and metalloids. We will make this meeting a platform of interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge on metals metalloids in all the important areas of the modern society: nutrition and disease, environmental and human toxicology, plant physiology and phytoremediation, biomedical sciences, and others.

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