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1st International Conference on Ion Analysis (ICIA 2018)

9 September 2018 to 13 September 2018

ICIA 2018 will tie in with the concept of its forerunner (i.e. Conference on Ion Analysis, CIA) that has established as a unique platform for the meeting of scientists from universities, research centers, industry and governmental institutions with companies that produce and distribute products related to ion analysis in its widest sense. In contrast to the format of CIA which was mainly addressed to a German speaking auditorium with participation of international, English speaking, invited lecturers, ICIA 2018 will be a truly international event in any respect.

ICIA 2018 will cover all aspects of ion analysis with regard to the variety of methods, instrumental configurations and areas of application. The conference programme will be arranged with invited keynote lectures and special sessions in order to present most recent developments, to review and critically discuss analytical methodologies for ion analysis and to draw attention to practical problems and their solutions.

We expect the attendance of many manufacturers of ion analysis instrumentation and supplementary equipment. This will enable participants of ICIA 2018 to meet leading vendors presenting their latest technical innovations, to discuss current problems with application chemists of the respective companies and to observe - in life demonstrations and workshops - real sample analysis.