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Measure multiple X nuclei over a broad frequency band without the need of any user intervention. The Spinsolve Multi X switches between different nuclei in a fully automatic way, making it possible to run a series of experiments unattended. By combining this new technology with the Spinsolve sample changer a powerful level of automation can be achieved. Since the whole library of protocols available for each nuclei is pre-calibrated, the queuing function in the Spinsolve software can be used to measure several X-nuclei on a series of samples.

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9 Sep 2020

Enhancement allows the temperature control stage to be adapted to hold either of two capillary sizes simply by rotating the capillary holder for use in a range of microscopy and spectroscopic techniques.

8 Sep 2020

PerkinElmer’s Hand Sanitiser Analyser instrument can be used to test for the presence of methanol in alcohol-based hand sanitiser products.

14 Aug 2020

SCIEX has launched the next generation of its flagship nominal mass spectrometer, the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready.

14 Aug 2020

Wiley have released an upgrade to the KnowItAll software they acquired from Bio-Rad.

13 Aug 2020

New instrument software, initially available on the Echo® MS System and the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System.

13 Aug 2020

The Thermo Scientific Gemini analyser now comes with LowDoseID for narcotics analysis of low concentrations of illicit substances.

7 Aug 2020

IonSense have introduced new AnalyzerPro XD software that splits the samples from the single data file into individual data files for each sample.

30 Jul 2020

The Express Scanner from Ziath ensures the traceability of samples in 2D-barcoded nuclear magnetic resonance tubes.

29 Jul 2020

Rigaku introduces new ZSX Primus IVi WDXRF spectrometer especially suited for X-ray analysis of liquids, alloys and plated metals.

27 Jul 2020

The wavelength range of the new PEBBLE VIS has been shifted towards the UV to cover 360–830 nm.

24 Jul 2020

Gas analysers for quantitative and qualitative analysis of gases at atmospheric pressure with a compact design and low detection limits.

3 Jul 2020

New “see through” version of B&W Tek’s TacticID®-1064.

2 Jul 2020

The MassLynx/Skyline interface is an easy-to-use tool for auto-optimising and fine-tuning high-sensitivity MRM assays on tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers.

29 Jun 2020

Waters has introduced electron capture dissociation to provide improved sequence coverage for native proteins and surrogate peptides.

29 Jun 2020

Waters’ new desorption electrospray ionisationXS source is now available on the Waters SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS, SYNAPT™ XS and Xevo™ G2-XS QTof mass spectrometers.

26 Jun 2020

HORIBA Scientific has combined with CytoViva to provide Raman spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and enhanced darkfield illumination on the same microscope platform.

25 Jun 2020

The Lactoscope™ FT-B instrument provides accurate, cloud-connected testing and results in under 45 s.

25 Jun 2020

Teledyne Princeton Instruments’ new TPIR-785 NIR Raman system is suitable for biology, medical research and life science applications.

10 Jun 2020

SCIEX’s Echo® mass spectrometry system uses acoustic ejection mass spectrometry with the Open Port Interface for ultra-high sample throughput.

10 Jun 2020

The newest release of Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer 2.5 software provides higher confidence peptide identification, more accurate quantification and higher throughput data analysis than previous versions.