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Measure multiple X nuclei over a broad frequency band without the need of any user intervention. The Spinsolve Multi X switches between different nuclei in a fully automatic way, making it possible to run a series of experiments unattended. By combining this new technology with the Spinsolve sample changer a powerful level of automation can be achieved. Since the whole library of protocols available for each nuclei is pre-calibrated, the queuing function in the Spinsolve software can be used to measure several X-nuclei on a series of samples.

 Watch our Video introducing the new Spinsolve Multi X

26 Feb 2021

CRAIC FilmPro™ software is used with CRAIC Technologies microspectrometers to measure the thickness of thin films of microspot areas in both reflectance and transmission.

26 Feb 2021

JEOL has introduced the JMS-T2000GC “AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha”, a GC-MS instrument with improvements in performance and functionality.

25 Feb 2021

UniKLasers has launched a new single frequency DPSS CW laser which emits at 349 nm with a 50 mW output.

25 Feb 2021

SCP Science has introduced an automated, high volume, microwave digestion system capable of digesting up to 300 samples per run with hands off operation.

23 Feb 2021

The Cora 5001 Raman analyser is a stand-alone spectrometer for use in the lab or in the field.

11 Feb 2021

B&W Tek’s latest handheld Raman analyser uses 1064 nm excitation and is targeted at first responders, police and customs agents.

11 Feb 2021

SciAps have introduced their new generation SciAps Z-901 handheld LIBS analyserwhich has “dual burn” technology allowing users to choose either an “air burn” method or argon-purge.

8 Feb 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Niton XL5 Plus is a small and light handheld XRF analyser.

8 Feb 2021

PicoQuant’s MultiHarp 160 is designed for applications requiring up to 64 synchronised inputs without compromises in time resolution and data throughput.

4 Feb 2021

The Thermo Scientific Neoma Multicollector ICP-MS system has been launched with new levels of sensitivity, accuracy and productivity.

2 Feb 2021

The ParticleScout automated particle analysis tool to offer greater speed and versatility for finding, classifying and identifying microparticles.

16 Dec 2020

Raptor Photonics’ Ninox 640 SU is a vacuum cooled InGaAs-based camera with 640 × 512 sensor with a 15 × 15 µm pixel pitch.

14 Dec 2020

The HiPace 350 and HiPace 450 are dedicated for applications like mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, metrology tools, particle accelerators and plasma physics.

11 Dec 2020

imec and XIMEA have introduced the xiSpec2 series of hyperspectral cameras.

10 Dec 2020

Agilent’s new 7850 ICP-MS system provides new smart tools that bring advanced capabilities to the routine ICP-MS laboratory.

10 Dec 2020

The new SPECTROGREEN TI has a twin interface that provides high sensitivity for trace elements.

7 Dec 2020

Portable compact UV spectrometer for those using UVC light to decontaminate air, water, surfaces and personal protective equipment.

1 Dec 2020

The new ECODRY 25 and 35 plus are compact, ergonomic and energy-efficient dry multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps.

1 Dec 2020

trinamiX has introduced the second generation of its 256-pixel NIR line array module.

1 Dec 2020

Chemspeed Technologies have introduced a sample preparation solution for NMR spectroscopy and LC/MS.