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14 Oct 2020

Metrohm has introduced the Misa: a handheld Raman instrument to detect and identify trace level food contamination in complex food samples in the field.

Metrohm AG
14 Oct 2020

Hitachi has introduced SpArcfire to its mobile optical emission spectrometry analyser range; this operating software is already used on their stationary spark OES instruments.

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation
13 Oct 2020

The new HyperAixpert multisensor plant phenotyping system from Analytik is configurable with a wide range of sensors, and uses machine-learning-based analytical software to ensure that data acquisition is both standardised and repeatable.

Analytik Limited (Cambridge)
13 Oct 2020

Renishaw has introduced the Particle Analysis software module for its inVia™ confocal Raman microscope.

Renishaw Ltd
13 Oct 2020

The new Thermo Scientific Tox Explorer Collection offers a comprehensive LC-MS workflow for toxicology assays.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
13 Oct 2020

Ibsen Photonics has release the new PEAK XNIR OEM spectrometer that features DLP® Pico™ technology from Texas Instruments.

Ibsen Photonics A/S
8 Oct 2020

New phosphorus technology in Osram’s Oslon P1616 SFH 4737 NIR LED triples efficiency values.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
28 Sep 2020

Hardware and software developments have contributed to Picoquant’s new rapidFLIMHiRes approach.

PicoQuant GmbH
18 Sep 2020

The new X1-1-UV-3727 radiometer from Gigahertz-Optik is designed to measure the far-UVC irradiance or dose produced by 222-nm excimer lamps.

Gigahertz Optik GmbH
17 Sep 2020

Gigahertz-Optik’s SphereSpectro 150H spectrometer system enables the simultaneous determination of the spectral absorption and scattering coefficients for scattering samples.

Gigahertz Optik GmbH
9 Sep 2020

Enhancement allows the temperature control stage to be adapted to hold either of two capillary sizes simply by rotating the capillary holder for use in a range of microscopy and spectroscopic techniques.

Linkam Scientific Instruments Limited
8 Sep 2020

PerkinElmer’s Hand Sanitiser Analyser instrument can be used to test for the presence of methanol in alcohol-based hand sanitiser products.

PerkinElmer, Inc.
14 Aug 2020

SCIEX has launched the next generation of its flagship nominal mass spectrometer, the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready.

14 Aug 2020

Wiley have released an upgrade to the KnowItAll software they acquired from Bio-Rad.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd
13 Aug 2020

New instrument software, initially available on the Echo® MS System and the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System.

13 Aug 2020

The Thermo Scientific Gemini analyser now comes with LowDoseID for narcotics analysis of low concentrations of illicit substances.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
7 Aug 2020

IonSense have introduced new AnalyzerPro XD software that splits the samples from the single data file into individual data files for each sample.

30 Jul 2020

The Express Scanner from Ziath ensures the traceability of samples in 2D-barcoded nuclear magnetic resonance tubes.

Ziath Ltd
29 Jul 2020

Rigaku introduces new ZSX Primus IVi WDXRF spectrometer especially suited for X-ray analysis of liquids, alloys and plated metals.

Rigaku Europe SE
27 Jul 2020

The wavelength range of the new PEBBLE VIS has been shifted towards the UV to cover 360–830 nm.

Ibsen Photonics A/S