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23 Jun 2021

Researchers at Linköping University, Sweden, however, have shown that X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy is often used erroneously.

21 Jun 2021

Researchers have demonstrated the conversion of infrared images to the visible, using ultrathin and transparent semiconductor nanocrystals.

17 Jun 2021

Oxford Instruments has acquired WITec for a cash-free, debt-free consideration of €42 m.

16 Jun 2021

An international team of researchers has developed a mid-infrared spectrometer with dimensions of 9 × 16 µm, comparable to the wavelength of light that it measures.

14 Jun 2021

An international team of researchers has discovered elemental metallic copper and iron in the human brain for the first time.

11 Jun 2021

An international team of scientists have achieved giant non-linearity of UV hybrid light-matter states up to room temperature in a waveguide made of AlInGaN.

9 Jun 2021

JEOL and SCiLS have concluded a non-exclusive, worldwide distribution agreement for SCiLS Lab MVS software.

9 Jun 2021

IonSense has appointed Jeffrey Zonderman as President and Chief Executive Officer.

2 Jun 2021

Raman spectroscopy sort and sequence the genome of bacteria in soil one bacterial cell at a time, while also identifying what its function is in the soil environment.

2 Jun 2021

ATR FT-IR spectroscopy is part of the MIND tool to identify unlabelled medication and counterfeit or out-of-date medicines.

2 Jun 2021

Senorics GmbH, a spin-off from the University of Technology Dresden (TU Dresden) and a startup in the ZEISS Ventures Portfolio has successfully closed a new financing round.

28 May 2021

A general-purpose SERS method has been developed for actively capturing target molecules in small gaps based on a nano-capillary pumping model.

26 May 2021

A mass-spectrometry-based system capable of identifying complex molecular signatures could aid in the search for alien life in the universe.

26 May 2021

The bone collagen peptide fingerprinting technique, Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS), is increasingly being used to identify ambiguous or unidentifiable bone fragments.

24 May 2021

Starna Scientific are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

24 May 2021

Impact Vision has been acquired by Apeel Sciences who produce a range of plant-based coatings that are used to extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

24 May 2021

MKS Instruments has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Photon Control Inc. for approximately CAD$387 million.

20 May 2021

This newly discovered enhancement mechanism of Raman scattering will open up the possibility of atomic-scale ultrasensitive vibrational spectroscopy to investigate surface structures of semiconductors.

18 May 2021

The use of high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging indicates that there may be up to 70 times more hydrogen in Earth’s core than in the oceans.

18 May 2021

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has opened a new 4118 m2, high-tech manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.