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11 Mar 2021

Mass spectrometry can be used to identify Parkinson’s based on compounds found on the surface of skin. The findings offer hope that a pioneering new test could be developed to diagnose the degenerative condition through a simple skin swab.

8 Mar 2021

trinamiX and Viavi Solutions have announced a joint development agreement to build an NIR spectrometer module for integration into consumer devices.

8 Mar 2021

A research team from the Zhejiang University Institute of Translational Medicine has developed an active SERS probe that can be used for SERS imaging of tumours.

5 Mar 2021

Scientists at have Ehime University have developed a multidimensional vibrational circular dichroism system using a quantum cascade laser.

4 Mar 2021

Oxford Instruments, Oxford University and Henry Royce Institute have agreed an R&D collaboration to use benchtop NMR to develop new methods to monitor reactions in battery cells.

3 Mar 2021

Researchers at Kanazawa University have successfully tested a sensor for measuring hydrogen peroxide concentrations near cell membranes. The sensor has the potential to become a tool for new cancer therapies.

3 Mar 2021

An NMR-based serum test has been shown to assess kidney function and provides for a more precise estimation of glomerular filtration rate.

1 Mar 2021

Professor John Mallard played a crucial role in the development of two of the world’s most important medical technologies: magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine imaging.

26 Feb 2021

A grant for a new integrated femtosecond laser ablation and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy system has been made to UK scientists to allow them to understand how the Earth works and how it’s changing.

26 Feb 2021

Stress caused by soil bacteria can have a positive effect on plants and Raman spectroscopy is being used to help study this.

26 Feb 2021

Graphene Flagship researchers have developed a new measurement standard for the analysis of graphene and layered materials that could accelerate production and optimise device fabrication.

25 Feb 2021

Pfeiffer Vacuum has supplied a number of vacuum pumps and other products for Brazil’s synchrotron.

25 Feb 2021

Debris from depleted uranium munitions used in the Gulf War has long been blamed for contributing to the illness of hundreds of thousands of veterans, but new research using ICP-MS proves it is not the cause.

23 Feb 2021

Forced to consider new research opportunities due to lockdown restrictions, researchers from the Physics department of the Politecnico di Milano developed an innovative connection between the field of artificial intelligence and non-linear optics.

22 Feb 2021

A novel gel electrophoresis technique has reduced the time for the sample pretreatment of trace marker proteins derived from clinical samples from around 20 to 5 hours.

16 Feb 2021

Scientists from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) have proposed a mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) method making use of the unique features of human vision.

12 Feb 2021

Quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy can identify nitrous oxide molecules containing two rare isotopes of nitrogen and oxygen.

10 Feb 2021

Plasma-grating-induced breakdown spectroscopy can overcome limitations inherent in other LIBS techniques, and enhance signal intensity by more than three times.

9 Feb 2021

Scientists from the University of Stuttgart report on the construction and performance of a µm-sized spectrometer: far smaller than a smartphone camera!

9 Feb 2021

A new study reports an optimised approach to using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for analysing hydrogen isotopes. The new findings could enable improved rapid identification and measurement of hydrogen and other light isotopes that are important in nuclear reactor materials and other applications.