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New Long-Life MCP Guide

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Burle Electro-Optics has announced the new Long-Life microchannel plate selection guide with its comprehensive range of MCP products which range from 4 mm to 150 mm in diameter and are available in pore sizes from 2 µm to 25 µm. Included in the guide is their patent-pending MountainPad MCP, and other available enhancement options and custom MCP capabilities are described.

BURLE Electro-Optics
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 144


Shimadzu News - 1st Issue

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The first issue of Shimadzu News 2005 is now available. It includes an application method for compliance with the RoHS directive using FT-IR spectrometry for the identification of flame retardant polymers and one for the determination of selected herbicides in water using GC/MS. Highlighted in part for its software, the EDX-HS fluorescent spectrometer is also featured in the issue. There is also applications on drug testing, human plasma fatty acids and screening for bioactive compounds.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 143


New Flourescence Brochure

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How to Select the Best Lifetime Spectrofluorometer is a new eight-page brochure from Horiba Jobin Yvon. It details which features are most important for various applications and presents the proper criteria for choosing between pulsed or phase methods, which are the most prominent techniques for lifetime applications. Also included are various examples of performance in the nanosecond and picosecond domains, as well as recommendations for components to build your own time-correlated single photon counting system or turnkey pulse or phase system.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon Ltd
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 142


2005-07 Catalogue

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Pfeiffer Vacuum has released its 2005–2007 vacuum catalogue. The four-colour, hardcover catalogue covers the complete range of vacuum technology, including equipment for producing, controlling and measuring vacuum, as well as accessories and components. The catalogue contains information on the field of application, features, technical data and part numbers for each product. An online version of the catalogue is available. Products covered in the new catalogue include turbomolecular, rotary vane, roots, dry and diffusion pumps, vacuum gauges and controllers, helium leak detectors, flanges, feedthroughs and valves. New to the catalogue is an expanded line of large turbo pumps.

Pfeiffer Vacuum
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 141


PAT brochure

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Thermo Electron has published a new brochure, Complete Solutions to Facilitate PAT Implementation. The brochure covers Thermo's range of pharmaceutical, analytical instrumentation, process monitoring control capabilities, data management tools and technical support and regulatory compliance products for PAT execution, which gives pharmaceutical companies a complete guide on how Thermo can help them through each stage of a PAT implementation. Tailored PAT consultancy programmes are also described. Their PAT capabilities include FT-NIR analysers, informatics management programs, validation services, process analysers and integration tools and chemometric modelling software. Support solutions are available through their Multi-Vendor Compliance Solutions programme.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 140


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