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08 Product Catalogue

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The 2008 Product Catalogue is now available from Specac. Divided into four sections, the catalogue gives brief details and product numbers for reflectance and transmission sampling accessories, sample preparation products, sampling kits and IR polarisers/wire grids.

Specac Limited
Issue: 20/03
RSN: 120


Volume 2 Hamamatsu News

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Volume 2 of Hamamatsu News is now available. This issue of the newsletter features the various functions and specifications of Photo ICs, gives information on a new version of the company's sealed 100 kV microfocus X-ray source, a new series of high voltage power supply units, UV sensitive photon counting heads and luminescence plate reader. There is also information on a new learning centre on the Hamamatsu website. Also included are applications, company news and forthcoming events.

Hamamatsu Photonics (UK) Ltd
Issue: 20/01
RSN: 133

2008-09 Resource Catalogue

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With 15,000 product references and over 500 new products, the Newport Resource 2008/09 catalogue is a useful sourcebook for engineers, scientists, educators and students. It provides technical information, technology tutorials and a wide choice of products in motion control, vibration control, opto-mechanics, lasers, photonics, light sources and spectroscopy instruments. A new feature is the new application kit section, which illustrates how Newport can help your laboratory by providing solutions for many applications. There is also a selection of the company's Spectra-Physics lasers, including ultrafast, DPSS, gas, tuneable, pulsed and diode lasers and laser accessories.

Newport Spectra-Physics
Issue: 20/01
RSN: 132

Sample Prep Handbook 10th Edition

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Spex CertiPrep has produced the tenth edition of its Handbook of Sample Preparation and Handling which features the latest products and techniques for sample preparation. Products include laboratory mills, presses, fusion fluxers and XRF accessories. In addition to existing products, the handbook features 50 new products and their uses. These include the 8530 CE approved Shatterbox, an updated version of the 3628 Bench-Press, Katanax K1 and K2 automated electric fluxers and 6870 Freezer/Mill.

Spex CertiPrep Inc
Issue: 20/01
RSN: 131

2008-2009 Catalogue

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The 2009–2009 catalogue entitled Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials from Alfa Aesar was published in January 2008. The new catalogue features over 3000 new products, many of which are novel fine organics, including many new boronic acids, silanes and silanols, chiral diamines and fluorochemicals. Other new products include nano-materials, base metal fuel cell catalysts, fuel cell components, pure metals, alloys, analytical standards, precious metal catalysts and catalyst/ligand kits. There are many new and updated literature references, application notes, synonym listings and other specification details. Molecular structure diagrams have been included for most chemicals and the catalogue has been indexed by Chemical Abstract Service number, stock number and molecular formula. Product listings for all hazardous substances are also enhanced with hazard pictograms and risk and safety phrases. In addition to chemical compounds, there are special sections listing pure elements, alloys, analytical products, precious metal compounds and catalysts, labware and equipment. There are seven apendices, each focusing on a separate area of chemistry.

Alfa Aesar
Issue: 20/01
RSN: 130


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