Pittcon 2012


Dry scroll pump range. Has no lubricants in the vacuum space and improved tip seal and bearing life leading to low maintenance requirements. Intelligent drive electronics reduce power consumption and noise levels.

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Calion PV Mixes

Solvent-less standards used for calibration of GC retention indices, MS ion masses and target compound concentrations. The standards contain 13 compounds specifically customised for calibration and performance validation of the TRIDION GC-TMS.

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A high-throughput direct ionisation system for profiling the distribution of biomolecules. The “smart-source” offers access to and visualisation of molecules of interest directly where they exist. The system conveniently integrates with different mass spectrometers, including single quad, triple quad, ToF and HDMS systems from several manufacturers. Fully adjustable vertical and horizontal articulation enable the system to fit various bench heights and mass spectrometry set-ups.

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GC/MS system with ion optics optimised with high-performance quadrupole and Shimadzu’s Optdesign simulation program. Fully automated MS tuning allows users to optimise parameters easily and constantly ensure stable mass spectra. Maximum flow rate is 4 mL min–1 giving users the ability to select from a variety of columns. An optional direct injection probe is available.

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A chemical threat detector that combines high-speed, high-resolution gas chromatography and a miniaturised toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer in a portable device. Designed to enhance military and emergency response capabilities in the field, it can confirm the presence and identity of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals in gases, vapours, liquids and solids.

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Q Exactive

A high-performance benchtop quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS. An alternative to quadrupole time-of-flight, the system can conduct three experiments at once—identification, quantitation and confirmation—and it is fully compatible with UHPLC separations.

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An ICP-MS which offers improved performance and increased throughput to cut analysis times. It features a new interface and advanced technology that enables “one-click” set-up and easier routine maintenance. The ion-focusing system delivers high signal-to-noise performance and the Qcell with flatapole technology for low mass cut-off offers increased interference removal. Qtegra software fully automates the system.

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A person-portable capillary gas chromatoraph-toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer with high-speed temperature programming and a miniature toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer with a nominal mass resolution over a mass range of 50 Da to 500 Da. It is totally self-contained, weighs less than 32 pounds with all accessories, is battery operated and has on-board helium GC carrier gas supply cartridge.

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TAS 7500

A compact Terahertz spectroscopy/imaging system with the ability to select between the two on demand. In spectroscopy mode, the instrument can easily be switched between transmittance, reflectance or ATR. In imaging mode, the thickness and/or interface adhesion of coating films of tablets are represented in 1D, 2D or 3D. A process monitoring module will be available soon.

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3Q Series 100

Similar to the Series 200, but with a larger mass range of 5–2150 m/z, and suitable for laboratories performing routine assays. Again, available in single source and dual source versions. The Torrent Multi-Option Dual Source can be configured for ESI/ESI, ESI/APCI or APCI/APCI. Patented interfaces are available: the HSID on the Series 100 and HSID Select on the Series 200; HSID stands for Hot Source-Induced Desolvation. There is also a zero cross-talk collision cell and patented “Unifield” detector.

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