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MaXis 4G Qq-ToF MS

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Bruker has announced an extension to its MaXis range of instruments by unveiling the maxis 4G system. It has been designed for precise mass screening, a technique designed for forensic, drug doping and food safety applications to deliver improved productivity to research, QC and contract laboratories. With high MS/MS sensitivity, even at low mass fragments, the system can deliver results similar to triple-quad instruments in trace analysis quantitation, while offering the flexibility and information content of precise mass assignment and ultra-high resolution simultaneously.

Bruker Daltonics
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 110

Triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS

A new triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS system designed to offer improved selectivity, analytical performance and productivity has been launched by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra delivers increased matrix selectivity necessary for challenging applications that require lower levels of quantitation in extremely complex matrix extracts. With its sensitivity, easy detection and reliable peak integration, the system provides good performance for the most difficult of matrix challenges. It is designed for a wide range of applications, including environmental, food safety, forensics, metabolomics and pharmaceutical. The DuraBrite IRIS technology offers improved sensitivity, extended maintenance cycles and high routine matrix robustness for increased productivity. The inert, exchangeable ion volumes reduce maintenance times without any venting of the vacuum system while the HyperQuad technology delivers U-SRM for higher detection and more selective SRM.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 116

MassHunter software

A new release of Agilent's MassHunter software is designed to facilitate LC/MS and GC/MS analyses from instrument set-up to final report. Data analysis tools help users quickly find, compare and identify compounds, including compound-centric data mining and navigating to streamline and simplify MS data analysis. For profiling experiments, Mass Profiler Professional automatically identifies significant differences between sample sets and confirms identification through library searches.

Agilent Technologies
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 108

Velos Pro Ion Trap MS

Thermo Fisher has unveiled redefined ion trap mass spectrometer capabilities with the introduction of its new dual-pressure linear ion trap system, the Velos Pro. With improved quantitative performance, faster scanning, trap-higher energy collision dissociation and enhanced robustness, the system extends the applicability of ion trap workflows. Four new technology innovations are included: new detection electronics which enable increased linear quantitation for enhanced reproducibility, fast scanning that enables ultra-high-throughput analyses, new Trap-HCD fragmentation offering complementary triple quadrupole-like fragmentation and redesigned ion optics featuring “neutral-blocking” technology which reduces downtime and improves robustness in applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 117

6249 Triple quad LC-MS

The new 6420 triple quadrupole LC-MS, a workhorse instrument that can be upgraded to readily accommodate changing needs, has been unveiled by Agilent Technologies. It replaces the 6410 triple quad and is designed to protect customer's instrument investment by being easily upgradable with sensitivity increases. The new instrument is more productive with faster electronics and new software features. The MRM solution for grouping ion transitions by retention time has been enhanced with the addition of triggered MRM for simultaneous compound identification. It is well suited for both routine and complex analyses such as toxicology, environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical and drugs of abuse testing.

Agilent Technologies
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 106

7200 Q-TOF GC-MS

Agilent has launched its first GC-ToF instrument, the 7200 Q-TOF GC-MS, which helps researchers get more qualitative and quantitative information out of increasingly complex samples. Applications include environmental analysis, sports doping detection, energy research and natural products research.

Agilent Technologies
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 105

6550 iFunnel Q-ToF LC-MS

The 6550 iFunnel Q-ToF LC-MS system delivers low femtogram sensitivity, fast spectral acquisition, increased dynamic range and robust performance operation, making the instrument suitable for qualitative and quantitative applications such as metabolomics, food safety screening, early-stage drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics and protein identification.

Agilent Technologies
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 104

Bond Elut DMS Sample Prep

Agilent Technologies has introduced the Bond Elut DMS sample preparation card for dried blood spotting bioanalysis. The non-cellulose Bond Elut DMS is not impregnated with reagents, which reduces non-specific binding of analytes, increasing mass spectrometry response and improving signal-to-noise ratios. It is compatible with standard punching tools and automation, requiring less punching force, resulting in faster workflow, less technician fatigue and smoother automation. The card also delivers consistent spot shape, size and reproducibility, regardless of ratio of red blood cells to blood sample volume.

Agilent Technologies
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 103

Food Safety Testing

AB Sciex has responded to the food testing industry's demands for improvements by delivering a mass spectrometry solution to screen, identify and quantify hundreds of pesticides in a single run. This includes the new iDQuant Standards Kit for Pesticide Analysis, which is designed to improve efficiency and help turn around samples in less time, eliminating the need to source pesticides individually and measure them manually; iMethod Test for Pesticide Screening, which contains pre-packaged, validated test methods for easy adoption in laboratories, complying with industry standards and ensuring reproducibility; iMethod Pesticide Screening Library; and a new version of Cliquid software.

AB Sciex
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 102

LIS Interface

New software from AB Sciex is now available to enable users to link their laboratory information system to their AB Sciex mass spectrometers. The use of MS/MS for clinical research purposes has risen in recent years, but clinical research laboratories have had to face the challenge of scaling mass spectrometry use from low-volume to high-volume testing. The new version of Cliquid eliminates this limitation by creating an interface to existing LIS and LIMS networks and providing enhanced functions for sample tracking, minimisation of manual errors and easier importing of batches from the LIS.

AB Sciex
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 101


AB Sciex has announced the introduction of SelexION technology, a differential ion mobility separation technology with routine reproducibility, robustness and ease of use. It offers sensitive quantitative and qualitative analyses within a UHPLC time scale and over multiple MRMs, improving selectivity and performance for applications requiring the separation of isobaric species, isolation of challenging co-eluting contaminants and elimination of background noise.

AB Sciex
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 100

CaptiveSpray ESI source

Bruker has introduced the CaptiveSpray electrospray ion source for nano-HPLC applications in proteomics, incorporating Etch-Taper technology to ensure that the internal diameter of the spray tip remains constant, reducing tip clogging and providing spray stability over the entire LC gradient and robust operation for long time periods. Also featured is a new gas-flow technology which delivers nanospray sensitivity without the need for time-consuming spray tip adjustments. Its plug-and-play design fits all the company's current LC-MS instruments.

Bruker Daltonics
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 109

Terra Spec Explorer

ASD has unveiled instruments and solution capabilities dedicated to mining exploration. The TerraSpec Explorer mineral analyser is an easy-to-use, field-portable system designed for the rapid qualitative characterisation of rocks and alteration minerals. It is suitable for deposit mapping, vectoring to mineralisation and the analysis of outcrops, hand specimens, core, RC drill chips and metaullurgical pulps—all with little or no sample preparation. The TerraSpec Examiner is a portable mineral analyser which identifies quantitative mineralogical and physical property information in real-time, on-site. It has the resolution and performance required for mapping core and analysing blast chips in mining operations. When paired with calibration models, the Examiner can be used to perform quantitative analysis of mineral resources or ore reserves. The QualitySpec 7000 is a high-speed mineral analysis solution for over-the-conveyor-belt mining applications. It can be used to measure moisture, a wide range of minerals, including clays, and physical properties simultaneously in real time.

Read more: Terra Spec Explorer


ARL SMS-2500 Metals anal.

Thermo Scientific's ARL SMS-2500 automation system provides an integrated workflow-oriented solution that is designed for high-speed production control laboratories in the metals industry. The system ensures increased sample turnaround by integrating sample preparation with a larger, stronger and faster robot. By enabling direct access to the milling machine for the preparation of samples, processing time is reduced and expensive electromechanical sample transfer systems are eliminated. A choice of different milling machines allows customers to select the best solution depending on their preferences, needs and budgets.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 141

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