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Dopant permeation tubes

Kin-Tek Laboratories have announced the availability of dopant permeation tubes used in detection systems for trace concentrations of narcotics, explosives, chemical warfare agents and airborne molecular contaminants. Detection systems for these applications are based on ion mobility spectroscopy and used for airport and other security applications, law enforcement, immigration and border control and military and atmospheric monitoring in computer chip manufacturing operations. Several configurations and kits are available for specific applications. Typical kits for narcotics detection contain three tubes emitting ammonia vapour, supplied as a set and shipped in a metal cylinder and kits for explosives detection contain a single tube emitting dichloromethane supplied in a plastic shipping tube. Other dopants available include acetone and DMMP in special configurations and other materials are available for speciality applications.

KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc.
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 108

InSight DeepSee laser

Spectra-Physics has introduced InSight DeepSee, a new ultrafast laser system with improved tuning range and seamless access to long infrared wavelengths for deep in vivo imaging. A dual wavelength option is available for advanced imaging techniques, including uncaging, coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering imaging and multi-modal imaging.

Newport Spectra-Physics
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 117

T-station turbo cart

A new compact entry level turbo pumping station, which provides users and research centres with fast pump down to a pressure of less than 5 ×10–8 mbar has been launched by Edwards. The T-station turbo cart is the smallest in the company's range of pumping stations at just 395 mm × 350 mm, providing reliable performance and offering a “plug-and-play” solution for achieving high vacuum quickly and simply. It arrives pre-assembled and is easy to install.

Edwards Limited
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 110

Online reference materials

LGC Standards has launched an online source of reference materials. With an initial offering of over 26,000 products from 65 global suppliers. Customers can locate products by name, code, analyte, chemical formula, matrix or Chemical Abstract Service number. It also provides a reference centre, up-to-date industry and company news, status tracking of all active order, delivery date confirmation and promotion of new products. Each reference material is available with a certification of accreditation.

LGC Standards
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 111

DH320T iStar ICCD

Andor Technology has announced the launch of the DH320T, the latest addition to its iStar range of ICCDs. It features high sensitivity with 40°C thermo-electric cooling, low-noise electrons and high quantum efficiency photocathodes, high spectral acquisition rates and precise timing control through low-jitter electronics. It also provides a comprehensive software control interface fast gating.

Andor Technology Ltd
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 112

Hand-held Easy VOC

Markes International has announced the launch of a simple catch-all sampling solution for VOCs and SVOCs in air. Easy-VOC is a hand-held device for fast, simple and accurate collection of small sample volumes of air directly onto sorbent tubes, without the need for calibrated pumps. The sample tubes are then analysed using thermal desorption GC/MS. The tubes used with this device allow a wide range of compounds to be collected, from volatile hydrocarbons right up to C32 compounds.

Markes International Limited
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 113

Tango stand-alone FT-NIR

Bruker has announced the launch of the Tango stand-alone FT-NIR spectrometer. It is a robust, small footprint, easy-to-use benchtop system with touch-screen operation for routine users. It offers efficient, cost-effective analysis for the identification and quantification of constituents in a wide variety of applications fields in the food, feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The instrument is fully GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for working in regulated environments and is available in two versions—one for measuring solids in reflection and one for measuring liquids in transmission. The user interface, which is available in many languages, guides operators through the workflow, the automated background measurements help untrained staff to operate the spectrometer and the housing and touch-screen monitor are rugged and easy to clean.

Bruker Optik GmbH
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 114

Multi-wave coupling unit

A new multi-wavelength excitation-laser coupling unit from WITec has improved the ease of use of its microscope series. It is now possible to switch between up to three laser sources by rotating a filter wheel. Calibration and alignment of the laser beam path is guaranteed at all positions. Each excitation wavelength features a wavelength optimised filter set which enables high throughput and contributes to increased speed and sensitivity of the company's systems. Experiments specifically requiring a variety of lasers, such as eliminating fluorescence, can benefit from such a multi-laser set-up.

WITec GmbH
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 115

S11500-1007 image sensor

The S11500-1007 full frame transfer CCT image sensor with ultra-high sensitivity in the NIR region in now available from Hamamatsu. In addition to increased sensitivity, it can be used as an image sensor with a long active area in the sensor height direction, which can be achieved using binning, making it suitable for Raman spectroscopy. This sensor also features low etalation, which is often a problem in Raman applications, where stable output is important. It is similar in design to the company's S7030-1007 and the two are pin compatible, allowing for operation under the same conditions and enabling the end-user to upgrade.

Hamamatsu Photonics (UK) Ltd
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 116

CESI 800 CE-MS module

The CESI 800 high-performance separation-ESI module with OptiMS technology from Beckman Coulter consists of a commercial CESI sprayer combined with new capillary electrophoresis instrumentation specifically designed for mass spectrometry. The new technology integrates a low flow CE separation with ESI in a single process that takes place within a capillary. The new process is referred to as CESI to reflect the combination. To achieve CESI, the distal end of the capillary is porous to ion flow, allowing the electrophoresis circuit to be bridged and the ESI to be initiated in the same device. It is capable of generating separations of peptides with a high peak capacity allowing the analysis of complex samples at the proteome level. The low flow rates used by CE reduce ion suppression, making it possible to detect PTMs. It can also detect peptides present in low abundance at concentrations in the picomolar range. Intact proteins, their isoforms, cleaved fragments and complexes can be characterised and separations of drugs, drug metabolites, organic acids, amino acids, low molecular weight amines, peptides, nucleic acids and nucleosides can also be carried out. Molecules often missed or undetectable can now be seen.

Beckman Coulter UK Ltd
Issue: 23-04
RSN: 107

6100B Series enhancements

A number of performance enhancements have been added to Agilent's 6100B Series single quadrupole systems. The entry level 6120B now has faster POS/NEG switching, providing more information from each injection, even with narrow LC peaks and increased scanning speeds for higher confidence molecule identification and confirmation. The mid-range 6130B is now compatible with the company's Jet Stream technology. This sample inlet design focuses the ion stream entering the mass spectrometer, improving sensitivity by producing a stronger signal with lower relative standard deviation at the limit of detection.

Read more: 6100B Series enhancements


Perfinity Workstation

Shimadzu has launched the Perfinity Workstation, a multi-column apparatus that automates protein separations and mass spectrometry sample preparation for more efficient LC-MS analysis. As well as reducing the time required to have peptides ready for analysis, it enables researchers to obtain consistent result with coefficient of variation values reported at each step.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 114

SpheriCal calibrants

Polymer Factory has presented its SpheriCal calibrants for MALDI. SpheriCal is a series of monodispersive calibration standards offering users time-saving sample preparation and accurate calibration. Combining long-term stability with evenly-spaced calibration points helps increase the frequency and quality of MALDI calibrations. As the calibrant, matrix and counter ion are pre-mixed in optimised ratios, time-consuming sample preparation is reduced. The calibrants are stable at room temperature and when exposed to air, avoiding problems associated with labile protein calibrants. Each mass range is covered, enabling software to calculate multiple, even-spaced calibration points.

Polymer Factory Sweden AB
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 113

ID Cube Source

IonSense has introduced the ID Cube Source with OpenSpot sample card for increased speed in the analysis of new materials being created by synthetic and medicinal chemists. The open-access platform allows chemists to analyse their own samples directly and obtain immediate feedback on the results of their synthesis. The Cube is designed to reduce sample backlog and time delays by providing the means to analyse samples in the reaction solvent. The business card format of the sample card simplifies transportation of samples between synthesis and analytical labs, reducing the need for test tubes, vials and other containers while facilitating bar code tracking.

Ionsense Inc
Issue: 23-03
RSN: 112

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