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PTR-QMS 500 Series

Ionicon has introduced the new PTR-QMS 500 series of on-line mass spectrometers, based on proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry, for VOC analysis. The high-sensitivity PTR-QMS and the PTR-QMS 500 are the successors to the high-sensitivity PTR-MS and standard PTR-MS. Improvements to the new series include a reduction in the size and weight of the instruments but with improved maintainability. A touchscreen display is now common to all instruments, a new heating chamber layout which is easier to access is implemented and new control electronics which are fully software-controlled are available as well as more interfaces (I/Os). The main feature, however, is the new ultra-pure ion sources that delivers a precursor ion intensity enabling the high-sensitivity PTR-QMS 500 to continuously quantify VOCs in the lowestpossible concentrations.

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8800 Triple quad ICP-MS

Agilent Technologies has launched the 8800 triple quadrupole ICP-MS which offers improved performance over a single quadrupole instrument and provides MS/MS operation for controlled and consistent interference removal in reaction mode. The instrument provides turnkey operation in a range of novel reaction modes, delivering effective and consistent interference removal for problematic elements in difficult samples. It can also be set up to operate like a single-quad ICP-MS, offering the security of replicating existing and familiar methodologies. It can analyse problematic elements in samples across a range of applications which include ultra-trace analysis of elements that suffer interferences in high-purity samples, reliable low-level measurement of selenium and arsenic in soil, rock and plant materials and quantitative analysis of sulphur and phosphorus in DNA and protein/peptides for life science applications.

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Imaging sensor

A new hyperspectral camera solution based on a system-on-chip image sensor with an integrated hyperspectral sensor is available from imec. The fully integrated CMOS-compatible sensor consists of a set of spectral filters that are directly post-processed at wafer level on top of a commercially available CMOSIS CMV400 image sensor. The hyperspectral filter has 100 spectral bands between 560 nm and 1000 nm with a bandwidth (FWHM) ranging from 3 nm at 560 nm to 2 nm at 1000 nm and transmission efficiency of around 85%. Typical integration times used are between 2 ms and 10 ms under halogen light illumination of 450 W. The camera can capture all relevant detail, enabling automatic classification of different objects using state-of-the-art image processing methods.

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Portable LED Testing spectrometer

Photon Control has released its new robust and portable spectroradiometer system which has been designed specifically for LED testing and analysis. In addition to measuring emission sources of LEDs it can also be used for lamps and other illuminants. When the radiometric calibration is applied to the SpecSoft software, it calculates and displays the radiometric spectrum and radiant flux. SpecSoft provides an interface for acquiring a reflectance reference and a dark reference. It is a complete measurement system that includes software, USB cable, user manual and an external power adapter and, with five different models available, covering wavelengths of 220-1040 nm, it is suitable for a number of applications in OEM and laboratory environments such as agriculture lab testing, quality control lab testing and food processing.

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SpectroBlue ICP-OES

The new Spectroblue from Spectro Analytical is a compact, mid-range ICP-OES spectrometer with simplified operation, low maintenance and high sample throughput with low cost of ownership. The plasma generator uses air-cooled technology which eliminates the need for external cooling. The OPIAir axial optical plasma interface needs no external cooling either and offers sensitivity improvements compared to conventional radial plasma observation, achieving detection limits at ppb levels. Interference effects are also reduced and the generator’s power reserves enable it to handle extreme sample loading while providing increasedl uptime, stability and reliability. The package is completed by the company's Smart Analyser Vision software which enables user of all experience levels to take full advantage of the instrument's capabilities.

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SCG-02 Wavelength Extender

Newport Corporation has announced the availability of its new SCG-02 wavelength extender to their line of non-linear microscopy and spectroscopy application solutions. It has been specifically designed as a modular solution for supercontinuum generation when used with femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers. The laser input is split into two parallel beams, the fundamental pump and parallel, unfiltered broadband supercontinuum, allowing flexibility for both the external selection of particular spectra of interest and the independent use or recombination of both beams. It is factory preassembled and pre-aligned and can easily be integrated into ultrafast light sources to provide turnkey solutions for multimodal spectroscopy and imaging. It can be used with two-photon microscopes for additional modalities and enhances pump–probe imaging and spectroscopy capabilities.

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Portable Examiner ED-XRF

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The Examiner ED-XRF analyser from AppliTek has now been configured for use in soil mapping and remediation. The benchtop-type analyser can be set up at site; sample preparation is done by collecting loosened and homogenised soil samples which are put into sample cups or plastic bags. When validated with laboratory results, good agreement is evident for heavier elements such as vanadium, lead, arsenic, mercury and chromium, which originate, typically, from heavy and primary industries. Metals which are naturally present in noncontaminated soil, such as copper, zinc, calcium and iron are also included in the new “Soil” database. Fast pollutant profiling for heavy metals and their levels is possible. The analyser has been benchmarked with the relevant NIST standards.

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LGC5100 Whisky RM

Adulteration is a major problem for the global drinks industry and, in order to keep control of this issue and accurately identify adulteration when it occurs, alcohol manufacturers monitor marker substances in their products. It is these marker substances that can be profiled to prove authenticity. Congeners are used as marker substances to help distinguish and differentiate between brands and also dictate the unique flavour of whisky brands. LGC has produced the reference material LGC5100 specifically for whisky congeners to help manufacturers uphold the protection of their brand, ensure process and quality control and enhance research and development.

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TerraSpec4 mineral analyser

ASD has released the TerraSpec 4 line of portable mineral analysers for optimising mineral production and faster mineral exploration. The new line includes an improvement in spectrum quality in the most important wavelengths for mineral analysis, plus more rapid data collection. The TerraSpec 4 Hi-Res spectrometer for mineral exploration has a 6?nm resolution while the Standard-Res, at 10 nm resolution, is well-suited for ore analysis in mining production. The analysers produce cleaner, higher quality spectra and the increased clarity in the SWIR region identifies more precisely critical indicator minerals, problem gangue minerals such as welling clays and quantifies other important metallurgical properties.

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NIRView process monitoring software

Perten Instruments is now offering the NIRView process monitoring software which enables measurement from the NIR sensor to be presented graphically to operators in real-time, giving instant knowledge of the process. It shows trend charts as well as currently measured values. Each constituent measured is presented in a separate graph, with up to eight graphs displayed simultaneously. Chart timelines are fully user-selectable and it is easy to add upper/lower control limits and specifications. Additional features include reports, alarms and recipe handling. The report feature provides a number of statistics such as min, max and process capability indexes, calculated per constituent, which are presented in a table.

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PLoNIR:640 InGaAs camera

Princeton Instruments has introduced the PloNIR:640, a scientific grade camera which uses a deep-cooled InGaAs focal plane array. It has been specially designed for use in challenging low-light NIR or SWIR imaging and spectroscopy applications that require high-sensitivity from 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm and applications range from nanotube fluorescence imaging to PV inspection. Due to the company's new vacuum technology it reaches temperatures as low as 90°C using maintenance-free thermoelectric cooling, resulting in minimal unwanted thermal noise and improved signal-to-noise ratio. The camera offers either built-in air or liquid cooling, or a combination of both, for use in thermal- and vibration-sensitive environments. It also features a Gigabit Ethernet data interface for remote operation from up to 50 m away and delivers a maximum frame rate of 110 frames per second at full resolution.

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PolymeriQ polymer solution

B&W Tek and Gnosys have introduced the PolymerIQ, a solution for accurate, real-time, non-destructive identification and quantification of polymers. By combining B&W Tek’s i-Raman system with Gnosys’ chemometric software, the PolymerIQ can perform multivariate statistical analysis to relate all available spectral information to the chemistry, properties and metrics of interest with the click of a button. The solution delivers fast, accurate measurement of polymers and additives and its real-time, non-destructive analysis is suitable for introducing greater speed and cost efficiency into routine inspection of master batches and compounds during production.

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NanoDrop Lite UV-vis micro

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the NanoDrop Lite, a compact, personal UV-vis microvolume spectrophotometer that complements the NanoDrop 2000/200c and NanoDrop 8000 instruments. It is small enough to fit into a drawer, but powerful enough to help accelerate life science workflows related to sequencing, PCR/qPCR, protein isolation, antibody production and HLA typing. Features include local control and an optional docking printer (sold separately) that prints freezer-compatible, adhesive labels.

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Nanophotometer micro/vol

Implen has announced the third generation Nanophotometer, micro-volume spectrophotometers for laboratories involved in protein and nucleic acid quantification. The all-in-one P-Class includes NanoVolume analysis, cuvette capability, built-in vortexer and stand-alone operation while offering small sample requirement, wide dynamic range, fast scan times and lifelong accuracy without the need for calibration. It has applications in cancer research, neurodegenerative disease, drug development, bioenergy, agriculture and forensics.

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