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DX4040 portable FT-IR

Gasmet Technologies has announced the launch of the DX4040—a portable FT-IR analyser that enables the field measurement of many gases. Up to 25 gases can be displayed simultaneously when operating the analyser with a hand-held PDA which can identify unknown gases in the field at the touch of a button when using a new version of the unit's Calcmet software on a Windows tablet PC. The device can identify both organic and inorganic compounds whilst also storing sample spectra for post-measurement analysis using a chemical library of over 5000 compounds. There are no sensors that might need replacing and operation is extremely easy. No sample preparation is required and calibration is simply a zero check with nitrogen or air.

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Nicolet iS50 FT-IR

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Nicolet iS50 FT-IR spectrometer is a research grade system equipped with one-touch operation. The simple FT-IR bench is adaptable and designed to utilise purpose-built accessories and integrated analytical software capabilities, making it a comprehensive materials analysis platform. The one-button technology creates a stream-lined system that provides fast, accurate analysis while eliminating manual operational errors. An integrated diamond ATR allows users to obtain IR spectra quickly. An in-sample compartment FT-Raman feature includes a video microstage for point-and-shoot Raman spectroscopy with no fluorescence and a new dual-purpose fibre-optic and integrating sphere module enables the collection of NIR spectra from a broad range of bulk samples.

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Long-wave IR filters

Deposition Sciences has announced a new line of very long wavelength IR filters, which provide high transmittance over the 12 µm to beyond the 22 µm wavelength region. Using the company's high precision physical vapour deposition process, these coatings readily pass all environmental tests and can be repeatedly cycled between ambient and cryogenic temperatures without degradation. The coatings are available in narrow and wide bandpass filters, long- and shortwave pass filters and anti-reflection coatings and can be applied to a variety of substrates, including Ge, ZnSe, Si and InSb. Edge placement, transmission blocking ranges and levels and operating temperatures and angles can all be customised.

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Card Extraction LC/MS

Agilent Technologies has introduced the Card Extraction LC/MS system, a fully integrated instrument for the analysis of dried blood spots and other dried media. Suitable for pharmaceutical and clinical research laboratories, it provides an integrated, automatic workflow solution to improve productivity and streamline sample processing. The instrument uses the 6400 Series Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system to perform quantitative analysis and data processing is performed using MassHunter software, providing a common user interface for research laboratories that use other Agilent LC/MS systems.

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Optic-4 Multi-mode inlet

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Shimadzu has released the Optic-4 multi-mode inlet for GC/MS systems to address the growing R & D demand for a single system that can accommodate multiple analysis tasks. The introduction of the multi-mode inlet device is targeted at chemical manufacturers, food producers and university research departments. Equipped with injection modes capable of accommodating a wide range of sample forms, it supports split/splitless injection modes. A further five inlet modes can also be accommodated with a single inlet. The additional modes include large volume injection mode, inlet derivatisation mode, thermal desorption mode, thermal extraction mode, thermal decomposition mode and DMI mode. It can also be used as an inlet for large volume injection analysis.

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nXDS dry scroll pump

The nXDS dry scroll pump from Edwards is an oil-free vacuum pump that has no lubricants in the vacuum space. With improved tip seal and bearing life, users will benefit from its low maintenance requirements. It is fully serviceable in the field, resulting in low downtime and an overall low cost of ownership. Features include intelligent drive electronics for reduce power consumption, fast pumping speeds and improved pressures with low acoustic noise levels.

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Latest Spectrotest

The latest version of Spectrotest is now available from Spectro Analytical. The mobile emissions spectrometer can routinely identify low alloy steel with its ability to measure low carbon levels down to 500 ppm using arc excitation in air using its CO2 scrubbing system. When higher sensitivities are needed for carbon, such as the identification of L-grade stainless steels, or when elements such as phosphorous, sulphur, boron or tin are required, the plug-in UV probe can be fitted quickly and easily. In aluminium alloys, the instrument can measure magnesium at low levels as well as lithium and beryllium. The plasma generator requires less energy, making it possible to do many measurements with a single battery charge and increasing the number of samples in both arc and spark excitation mode during battery operation.

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HPQ3 and HPQ3S gas analysers

MKS Instruments has announced the availability of their high-pressure, compact HPQ3 and HPQ3S residual gas analysers. These analysers are robust, sensitive and fast PVD chamber sensors that do not require differential pumping, employing field-proven technology and an innovative electronics platform for greater flexibility and cost efficiency, offering high levels of automation. The interface with tool and factory process control uses the TOOLweb sensor platform, a specialised turn-key tool-integration software that allows complete integration, providing web-based reporting and levels of control, from passive monitoring of the tool vacuum to process critical go/no go management of individual process chambers. The HPQ3 can provide data for processes up to a total pressure of 1.3–3mbar while the HPQ3S can be used for specific higher pressure applications up to 1e–2 mbar.

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Multi-channel spectrometer

P&P Optica has unveiled their newest hyperspectral multichannel spectrometer which utilises in-house developed and manufactured PPO gel gratings. The high-performance non-scanning instruments allow for the acquisition of high spectral resolution hyperspectral images without the use of filters. They can simultaneously monitor over 200 separate channels registered using a single spectrometer, with each channel able to resolve up to 1000 separate spectral points. The systems are available as stand-alone products or bundled with the company's line of spectroscopy products, including the newly released Iris advanced spectroscopic data analysis and acquisition software suite.

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NIR streak camera

Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced a new streak camera with sensitivity in the NIR region up to 1650 nm. As with other streak cameras, the C11293 model simultaneously records intensity vs time vs position (or wavelength) with high temporal resolution. Made of InP/InGaAs, this photocathode has improved sensitivity and extended range and, in order to supress the dark current, making the device suitable for low-light-level applications, it operates at a working temperature of around –100°C by means of liquid nitrogen cooling. It is suitable for such applications as time-resolved spectroscopy in semi-conductor physics, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes and other nanostructure research, photovoltaic research and photonic crystals.

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TMC13 rate controller

The TMC13 deposition rate controller from Henniker Scientific is a multi-channel device that has been designed for repeatable, accurate control of film thickness and rate in vacuum-based thin film deposition processes. A touch-screen interface can be customised to suit a particular operator preference and can be operated in both automatic and manual modes, providing a direct display and control of film thickness, deposition rate and frequency value for up to six independent deposition sources. The device also includes shutter relays for each channel, two analogue inputs for connection of pressure gauges, two re-transmission analogue outputs as standard and an extensive and fully editable materials library.

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EQ-99CAL ligh source

Energetiq Technology has introduced a new light source for use in radiometric calibration. The EQ-99CAL covers the complete UV to visible spectral range with high brightness and stable output levels, with a strong irradiance in the critical 350 nm range. Calibration is traceable to the National Physical Laboratory and a certificate of calibration is included.

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BNL nitrogen liquefier

Bruker has introduced the BNL (Bruker nitrogen liquefier) accessory, which is now available for its Ascend NMR magnet product line up to 700 MHz, which offers extended cryogen maintenance intervals. It also offers a solution to the concerns about limited availability or logistics for cryogens in certain emerging markets. The accessory can be installed on one of the magnet's nitrogen ports enabling it to re-liquefy the nitrogen gas evaporating from the magnet dewar. Operators are freed from the weekly or bi-weekly routing of nitrogen filling, reducing cryogenic maintenance to helium refills only. It features a Cryostat Monitoring Unit, which ensures easy visual status monitoring and Magnet Information and Control software which provides an overview of nitrogen level, pressure and cryocooler temperature.

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SIMCA Version 13

Version 13 of SIMCA software is now available from Umetrics. New improvements include a new ribbons interface for a complete, easy, flexible and adaptive software for multivariate data analysis, a new plot library, multiple data sets in the same project, facilitating flexible handling of spectroscopic data and easy modelling of batch process data, improved OPLS and O2PLS algorithms which support multi-block for complex data mining and data integration and easy flexible data import from various data sources and multiple databases.

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