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HNMR chemical shifts database

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With the addition of the new Sadtler HNMR Chemical Shifts database from Bio-Rad, HaveItAll NMR now includes chemical shift data of 20,391 more compounds, each being identified by chemical name, solvent used in the analysis, instrument name, chemical structure, molecular formula and molecular weight.

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AA-7000 Series

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NP-21_6-Shimadzu-AA7000-sShimadzu has introduced a new series of atomic absorption spectrophotometers. The AA-7000 system, with double beam optics covers fully automatic multi-element analysis in flame and graphite furnace mode.


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ATR-IR Database

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The Sadtler ATR of Controlled and Prescription Drugs is a new database from Bio-Rad Laboratories containing 1161 ATR-IR spectra of controlled and prescription drugs and steroids.

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ABN2ZA & AB-3G Generators

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NP-21_6-Peak-Scientific-ABN2ZA-sTwo new nitrogen generators, the ABN2ZA and the AB-3G, have been introduced by Peak Scientific. Both are specifically designed to operate LC-MS instruments manufactured by Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex, producing nitrogen and dry air through three independent outputs at the required flow rates, purities and pressures.

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getLight 5090 SET

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Using deuterium light sources, the dominant alpha-peak at 625 nm disturbs a balanced emission spectra, which means the dynamic range of the used measuring instrument cannot be used efficiently.

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Light Engines

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Laser 2000 has presented a new line of "light engines" designed to replace traditional light sources in optical instrumentation and, in particular, for bio-analytical applications.

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ForceRobot 300

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NP-21_6-JPK-Robot-sJPK Instruments has announced the latest of its nanotechnology characterisation systems, the ForceRobot 300, for single molecule force spectroscopy.


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Oriel IQE-200

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Newport Corporation's Oriel Instruments division has announced the Oriel IQE-200, which allows simultaneous measurements of both the external and internal quantum efficiency of solar cells, detectors or any photon-to-charge converting devices.

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Microvision2 and e-vision

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NP-21_6-mks-microvision2-sMKS Instruments has introduced Microvision 2 and e-Vision 2 web-enabled residual gas analysers for greater stability and reliability in e-diagnostic, process monitoring and general vacuum trouble-shooting applications.


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getProbe 3302 SET

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The getProbe 3302 SET from getSpec is a new integrated sphere with an integrated halogen light source in the sphere.

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Tandem II tablet test system

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The new Tandem II from Bruker Optics is a fully automatic tablet testing system for on-line pharmaceutical process monitoring solutions, combining FT-NIR spectroscopy for tablet content uniformity and physical tablet tests of weight, thickness, diameter and hardness.

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3/4 inch vis-NIR probe

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A new 3/4 inch vis/NIR reflection probe from getspec, with internal standard and integrated redundant light sources, has been designed especially for rough process conditions, aiming to achieve high levels of long-term stability and reliability.

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Genesis ICP-OES

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Spectro Analytical Instruments has introduced an improved version of their Spectro Genesis. The CCD-based ICP-OES instrument is available with either radial or axial plasma observation and is especially suited to routine, rigorous environmental and industrial elemental analysis applications.

Read more: Genesis ICP-OES


Photon counting system

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id Quantique, represented in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions, has announced a reduced noise level for its id201 single photon detection module at NIR wavelengths.

Read more: Photon counting system


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