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Hyperspectral imaging software

Perception Studio is a software suite for hyperspectral data acquisition and processing, based on an extensible plug-in framework, allowing generic access to hyperspectral data.

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Direct dried biofluids

Velox 360 is an automated system for direct dried biofluid analysis from Prosolia

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Owlstone have launched the UltraFAIMS series of products, which can simplify complex mass spectra, separate isobaric ions and reduce background.

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APPI source

The PhoTorrent atmospheric pressure photoionisation (APPI) source from Ionics is compatible with all 3Q Series LC-MS/MS systems.

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High voltage power supply

HiTek Power add Twelve new models to the family of OLH10K high voltage power supply systems.

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Tox software update

Bruker's Toxtyper 1.1 includes novel library identification algorithms and reporting with a high-quality library update to over 900 target compounds.

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Forensic toxicology

ToxScreener is an accurate mass, high dynamic range forensic toxicology solution from Bruker.

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High resolution QTOF

The new impact II system from Bruker has >50,000 full-sensitivity resolution.

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Target deconvolution

Agilent technologies have added optimised target deconvolution capabilities to MassHunter workstation software.

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Pesticide library

The Personal Compound Database and Library from Agilent Technologies for use with GC/Q-TOF mass spectrometers.

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Protein sample prep

The AssayMAP Phosphopeptide Enrichment Solution from Agilent Technologies offers reproducible, automated enrichment of phosphopeptides for MS analysis.

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Attogram detection

Agilent Technologies totally redesigned ion source 7010 GC/MS system.


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Triple quadrupole LC/MS

The Agilent 6495 a new triple quadrupole LC/MS from Agilent Technologies


Read more: Triple quadrupole LC/MS


Proteomics platform

TripleTOF 6600 system with SWATH Acquisition 2.0 - a high-resolution, accurate mass system with increased dynamic range from AB Sciex.

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