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SERS substrates

Ocean Optics has introduced a new substrate for Raman spectroscopy applications.

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Enhanced software

Horiba Scientific has released a major update to its LabSpec 6 Raman spectroscopy software Horiba Scientific has released a major update to its LabSpec 6 Raman spectroscopy software. This features a new 3D surface and volume display mode, which is compatible with high-resolution confocal volume maps acquired with Horiba’s Raman microscopes. With full control of map rotation, transparency, filtering and slicing, the internal chemical structure of complex heterogeneous samples can be viewed. Topographic images form Horiba’s combined Raman-AFM and TERS systems can also be rendered by the module. Other additions include OneClick easy Raman acquisition, and PLS to the range of multivariate analysis routines.

Horiba Scientific


Phosphorus-31 benchtop NMR

Magritek has introduced the Spinsolve Phosphorus, the first 31P capable benchtop NMR spectroscopy system.

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NIR calibration standards

NSG Precision Cells has introduced “Superband Standards.

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NIR moisture analyser

Sensortech Systems has introduced the NIR 6000 series for use in a wide range of industries, product types, manufacturing environments and process locations

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Laser for multiphoton imaging

SpectraPhysis has introduced the InSight DS+, a widely tunable ultrafast laser system.

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Micro-step controller

The 1.3-m focal length McPherson Model 209 spectrometer with new micro-step drive can make wavelength steps as small as 0.1 pm.

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OEM spectroscopy camera

Horiba Scientific has launched their Syncerity back-illuminated, deep-cooled CCD camera with an NIR-enhanced 2048 × 70 sensor; it is designed for companies requiring an affordable OEM camera for vis-NIR spectroscopy applications.

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STS development kit

Ocean Optics has introduced the STS Developers Kit, which brings together their STS spectrometer, a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, customisable software and wireless capabilities for integrating spectral sensing quickly and easily.

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Gas flow cells

Wavelength References have introduced two fibre-coupled gas flow cells covering the wavelength range from 9 µm.

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Turbo molecular pump

Shimadzu has launched the new compact and robust “hybrid-bearing” TMP-B300 turbo molecular vacuum pump.

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Direct analysis probe

Advion has released a direct analysis probe for its line of “expression” compact mass spectrometers.

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Residual gas analyser

The Hiden HMT residual gas analyser has been designed to offer a single partial pressure gauge through the full vacuum spectrum from UHV to millitorr, providing process gas trend analysis, vacuum background diagnostics and leak detection.

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Elevating table

IonBench have introduced an electrical, elevating table for Advion’s TriVersa NanoMate.

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