Portable Examiner ED-XRF

The Examiner ED-XRF analyser from AppliTek has now been configured for use in soil mapping and remediation. The benchtop-type analyser can be set up at site; sample preparation is done by collecting loosened and homogenised soil samples which are put into sample cups or plastic bags. When validated with laboratory results, good agreement is evident for heavier elements such as vanadium, lead, arsenic, mercury and chromium, which originate, typically, from heavy and primary industries. Metals which are naturally present in noncontaminated soil, such as copper, zinc, calcium and iron are also included in the new “Soil” database. Fast pollutant profiling for heavy metals and their levels is possible. The analyser has been benchmarked with the relevant NIST standards.

AppliTek NV
Issue: 24-01
RSN: 118


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