Scanning spectrometer series

Shimadzu UK has announced a new series of ultra-high performance scanning spectrometers which offer high-precision spectral analysis of a wide range of samples including organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples, optical materials and photovoltaic devices. The small footprint UV-2700 is a double-beam double-monochromator system that covers a wavelength range of 185 nm to 900 nm for direct measurement of high density samples up to 8 Abs. It features an optical system based on the company's Lo-Ray-Ligh diffraction grating, a new holographic grating that gives low stray light and high energy throughput. The UV-2600 model expands the measurement capabilities of the researcher. The instrument's ultra-low stray light grating delivers 5 Abs performance and, by adding the new ISR-2600 Plus dual detector integrating sphere, extends the transmission or reflectance measuring range up to 1400 nm, enabling the user to study UV-vis-NIR transmittance of nanostructures, architectural glass and photovoltaic devices on a more compact bench-top instrument.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Issue: 23-05
RSN: 119


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