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Vis/NIR mini module

Hamamatsu’s C11697MB is a high sensitivity, trigger-compatible Vis/NIR mini-spectrometer module with a spectral range of 320–1000 nm.

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UV/vis sensors

Xylem’s YSI has introduced a new line of UV/vis spectrophotometer sensors that operate as part of an IQ SensorNet system.

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High sensitivity UV/vis/NIR

Shimadzu has introduced the UV-3600 Plus UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer, designed for high sensitivity and includes three detectors

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Hand-held Raman spectrometer

Metrohm has introduced the Metrohm Instant Raman Analyser (Mira) which allows the analysis of any kind of heterogeneous and temperature-sensitive materials..

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InGaAs photodiode arrays

Hamamatsu Photonics’ G12430 series of InGaAs photodiode arrays is designed for NIR spectroscopic analysis with three array sizes.

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Modular spectrograph

The Shamrock 193i from Andor Technology is a modular spectrograph that uses their Adaptive Focus Technology allowing automated access to the best spectral resolution in any grating, camera or wavelength range combination.

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Photometers for cosmetic inspection

Laser 2000 have introduced the ProMetric Y family of photometers and radiometers for production line testing of flat screens, displays and any type of cosmetic inspection.

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Picosecond pulsed LED

Edinburgh Instruments has released a 310-nm picosecond pulsed LED with a sub-800 ps typical pulse width. This is the first of a number of new product releases with this small pulse width and is optimised for time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC).

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QToF for life science research

Bruker has announced the evolution of their maXis™ line of ultrahigh-resolution quadrupole time-of-flight (UHR-qTOF) mass spectrometers.

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Enhancements to iN10 FT-IR microscope

Thermo Scientific introduses its OMNIC Picta software which enables users to quickly locate and identify targeted materials

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Long-path gas cells

Pike Technologies has introduced high-performance, long-path IR gas cells for analysis of air contaminants, pure gases and gas mixtures.

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Portable stress analyser

Rigaku has released the Rigaku SmartSite RS portable stress analyser, designed for on-site analysis.

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Compact SIMS

Hiden Analytical’s Compact SIMS has been designed for characterisation of layer structures, surface contamination and impurities, with detection of positive ions being assisted by the oxygen primary ion beam.

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XPS spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific K-Alpha+ XPS spectrometer with PLUS detection technology improves count rates and offers better recognition of low concentration components and faster chemical state resoluton.

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