Pittcon 2012 attendance

The Pittcon organisers have released the attendance figures for Pittcon 2012. The headline overall attendance is down at 15,754, as was probably expected. These figures are always an excuse for much discussion amongst hardened Pittcon visitors. To me, the interesting point is the relative changes between conferees and exhibitors.

Conferees are down in 2012 (9370 vs 10,130 in 2011) but over the last few years they have proved to be more robust than the figures for exhibitors (6384 vs 7069 in 2011) and better than many think. Perhaps the easiest way to see the difference is in the chart below.


Ignoring the absence of some of the large instrument manufacturers, it is not surprising that all exhibitors look carefully at the number of staff they send. There is no doubt that Pittcon is seeing attendance drop, but those that the event is for—the conferees—are remaining pretty loyal. Attendance always drops when Pittcon is in the south and rises when in the north. With the 2013 event being held in Philadelphia, close to a heavy concentration of industry, it is to be expected that attendance will pick up.

The complete attendance figures can be viewed at http://www.pittcon.org/exhibitors/attendstats.php

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