Inaugural winners of the FACSS Innovation Awards


The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) has announced the winners of the 2011 FACSS Innovations Awards. The FACSS Innovation Awards showcase the newest and most creative science debuted orally at a FACSS-organised conference. Shortlisted finalists competed in front of expert panels at the 2011 FACSS conference in Reno, NV, USA (2–7 October 2011). The panel commended the high quality of entries and selected four equal awardees. These are:

Ultrasound Enhanced ATR mid-IR Fibre Optic Probe for Spectroscopy of Particles in Suspensions
Cosima Koch, Markus Brandstetter, Stefan Radel, Bernhard Lendl (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

Large-Area Standoff Planetary Raman Measurements Using a Novel Spatial Heterodyne Fourier Transform Raman Spectrometer
S. Michael Angel,a Nathaniel R. Gomer,a Shiv K. Sharmab and J. Chance Carterc (aUniversity of South Carolina, bUniversity of Hawaii and cLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

Single Molecule Fluorescence Imaging Studies of Dynamic Processes in Reversed Phase Chromatographic Materials
Justin Cooper, Eric Peterson, Joel Harris (University of Utah, USA)

Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry—New Dimension of LIBS
Alexander Bol'shakov,a Richard Russo,a,b Xianglei Mao,b Dale Perry,b Osman Sorkhabib and Chris McKayv (aApplied Spectra, Inc., bLBNL and cNASA-Ames Research Center, USA)

Each awardee will be presented with a cash prize and commemorative plaque, and each awardee has been invited to return to the conference in 2012 to become a point of emphasis in the scientific programme. The awards will be formally presented at FACSS’s SCIX conference, which will be held in Kansas City from 30 September to 4 October 2012. SCIX is the new name for FACSS conferences in North America, and stands for the Great Scientific Exchange. Additional information on SCIX and the 2012 SCIX conference is available at

Due to the exceptional quality of this year’s submissions, the FACSS Governing Board has decided to make the FACSS Innovation Awards an integral part of the annual conference presented by FACSS, and thus the 2012 FACSS Innovation Awards will be presented at the SCIX conference in Kansas City. Entries for the 2012 FACSS Innovation Awards can be made during online abstract submission for the SCIX 2012 conference starting in January 2012. All attendees are eligible for the award irrespective of educational level or professional vocation, and authors opt-in to be considered for the award simply by marking a single check-box during abstract submission. However, the FACSS Innovation Awards are limited to the newest, cutting-edge, unpublished research results. Authors should carefully read the list of conditions attendant to this award to make certain the work is eligible.

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