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New calibration standard for LEDs

Instrument-Systems-ACS-570_sInstrument Systems have introduced a new calibration standard series for the calibration of luminous flux and intensity of LEDs.

Read more: New calibration standard for LEDs


EDX-FT-IR contaminant finder and material inspector

Shimadzu_EDXIR-sShimadzu has released the first EDX-FT-IR contaminant finder/material inspector, which integrates and analyses data acquired from both an ED XRF spectrometer and a FT-IR spectrophotometer.

Read more: EDX-FT-IR contaminant finder and material inspector


New Jenway UV/visible spectrophotometer

Jenway-7205-s0The 7205 UV/Visible spectrophotometer from Jenway has an extended wavelength range, down to 198 nm.

Read more: New Jenway UV/visible spectrophotometer


New hyperspectral imaging tool

Menlo-ImageLab-sMenlo Systems’ TERA Image system extension for terahertz (THz) imaging has now been upgraded with the inclusion of EPINA’s ImageLab software for hyperspectral imaging.

Read more: New hyperspectral imaging tool


Mid-IR and NIR wavelength calibration

NP-13-1-Starna-IR-Reference-sTraceable, polystyrene film references for mid-IR and NIR from Starna

Read more: Mid-IR and NIR wavelength calibration


Energy dispersive spectrometer

NP-29-1-EDAX_Octane_Elect-sEDAX adds a new Octane Elect energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) system to its existing line of EDS instruments

Read more: Energy dispersive spectrometer


High speed, low noise camera

NP-29-1-Princeton-Sophia-sPrinceton Instruments’ SOPHIA-XO:2048 is a high-speed, ultra-low-noise camera

Read more: High speed, low noise camera


Particle module for Raman microscopes

Horiba Scientific new version of their ParticleFinder module for their LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite

Read more: Particle module for Raman microscopes


Single mode 1064 nm laser diodes

NP-29-1-LC-1064-Diode-sLaser Components has introduced 1064 nm single-mode laser diodes

Read more: Single mode 1064 nm laser diodes


Flexible picosecond diode lasers

Omicron introduces the QuixX series of compact laser modules

Read more: Flexible picosecond diode lasers


Laser-driven light source

NP-29-1-Energetiq-EQ77-sEnergetiq Technology introduces the fifth generation LDLS, the EQ-77

Read more: Laser-driven light source


Deep-cooled CCD camera

Horiba Scientific add the Syncerity VUV to their family of deep-cooled scientific CCD cameras

Read more: Deep-cooled CCD camera


InAsSb infrared detector

NP-29-1-Hamamatsu-InAsSb-sHamamatsu new InAsSb photovoltaic detector, P13894-011MA

Read more: InAsSb infrared detector


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