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PerkinElmer and Gilson mass spectrometry collaboration

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PerkinElmer and Gilson have announced a mass spectrometry collaboration to support pharmaceutical and biotech scientists, which will enable the two companies to provide new and enhanced solutions for fraction collection and liquid chromatography. As part of the agreement, PerkinElmer will develop a dedicated single quadrupole mass spectrometer to be incorporated into Gilson’s preparative chromatography systems. , 


PerkinElmer’s OneSource and VWR joint servicing

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PerkinElmer’s OneSource business and VWR International have entered into an agreement to develop a joint service offering. VWR will look after laboratory equipment and OneSource complex multi-component analytical instrumentation. 


Phospho­proteomics collaboration for Kinaxo

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Kinaxo Biotechnologies has entered into a second collaboration with Roche Diagnostics in Penzberg, Germany, to apply its phospho­proteomics technology PhosphoScout to support targeted treatment approaches currently under development at Roche. The technology enables the identification of regulated protein phosphorylation sites in response to therapeutic antibody or kinase inhibitor treatment. Using quantitative mass spectrometry, up to 15,000 phosphorylation sites can be monitored in a single experiment. 


Horiba to build new European HQ

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Horiba has announced the construction of a new research facility and European headquarters on the campus of the École Polytechnique in Paris. The new centre will give Horiba access to a pool of innovative technologies, resources and personnel from nearby academic, government and commercial research centres. It is due to open in late 2011. 


Halma acquires SphereOptics

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Halma have acquired SphereOptics LLC for an initial cash consideration of $2.5 million. SphereOptics will be merged with Halma’s existing business Labsphere Inc. Halma also own Ocean Optics. 


ChemImage receives defence funding

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ChemImage has been selected for $2 million of US defence funding for further development of the Eye-Safe Stand-Off Fusion Detection of chemical, biological, explosive and improvised explosive device threats. The system will combine multiple sensing technologies, including Raman and shortwave infrared chemical imaging. 


Bruker Daltonics in MALDI microbial ID agreement

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Bruker Daltonics has announced a framework agreement with Synlab concerning molecular microbial identification based on MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry. Synlab is a European private diagnostic laboratory association with more than 70 labs, which will be equipped exclusively with Bruker’s MALDI Biotyper system. Bruker and Synlab intend to enlarge and refine the MALDI Biotyper reference library using well-defined clinical isolates from the daily microbial routine work of the Synlab laboratories. , 


Biocius Life Sciences completes spin-out from BioTrove

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Biocius Life Sciences has completed its spin-out from BioTrove Inc. and is an independent company. It now holds all of the intellectual property and technology for the RapidFire mass spectrometry, which integrates sample preparation with mass spectrometry at a rate of up to 6s per sample. 


Applied Analytics growth

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Applied Analytics has experienced double digit growth in 2009, with success in key markets such as Brazil, the US, Japan and the Persian Gulf. 


Andor Technology acquires Bitplane

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Andor Technology has acquired Bitplane AG that produces microscopy image analysis software specialising in medical and life sciences. , 


AB Sciex formed as new company within Danaher

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AB Sciex has been launched as a new company combining the two halves of the AB Sciex mass spectrometry joint venture into an integrated organisation. AB Sciex intends to use its new operating structure to increase speed to market in developing new solutions and expanding service and support to enable the scientific community to continue its increasing use of mass spectrometry for a broader range of applications.

Read more: AB Sciex formed as new company within Danaher


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