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“From lake ecology to biofuels—applications of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to algal research” is the topic of Andrew Dean, Jon Pittman and David  Sigee. Algae are essential for our continued live on Earth, and FT-IR spectroscopy can increase our understanding of their physiology and biotech potential.

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Report on the The Seventh International Conference of Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICAVS-7) held in Kobe, Japan.

This article describes an application of spectral imaging for the differentiation of tumour and normal cells. The authors also introduce the concept of a spectral barcode, which has had success with some tissues and has potential in others.

The presence of “particles” in protein pharmaceuticals (biologics) can cause severe, unwanted effects in the drug. The article describes the use of mid-infrared micro-spectroscopy for the investigation and chemical characterisation of single particles in these biologics.

This Product Focus is on Infrared Spectrometers and Accessories; a number of companies have provided information on their key products, their applications and features.

Tony (A.N.) Davies and Robert Lancashire remember Bob McDonald who co-authored the first JCAMP-DX standard for infrared spectroscopy.

In principle, electromagnetic SEIRS should be as strong as electromagnetic surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) but, in SEIRS, disturbing fluorescence is absent. In order to get maximum IR vibrational signal enhancement for sensing of rare molecules, strong resonant scattering of ­plasmonic objects is ­recommended.

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A. Roque, I. Ponte and P. Suau look at “Infrared spectroscopy of nucleoprotein complexes”. The advantages of IR spectroscopy have allowed them to determine the structure of linker histones and ­protamines as they interact with DNA. Linker histones are involved with the condensation of the thick chromatin fibre and are believed to have a regulatory role in transcription through the modulation of chromatin higher order structure.

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It is possible to obtain both infrared spectra and thermal analysis data of individual layers in a cross-sectioned multilayer film. Since both techniques are AFM-based, the topographical features can be readily linked to the spectroscopic and thermal data at a much higher spatial resolution than previously achievable.

In the chemical industry, heterogeneous catalysis is vital for the manufacture of basic or fine chemicals, in catalytic converters of exhaust gas and for the chemical storage of solar energy. A new infrared spectroscopy method can study processes at surfaces of oxides used as catalysts.

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The TEL-1000 MW InSb high-performance infrared camera has been launched by Telops. The camera covers the 3.6 µm to 4.9 µm wavelength range and can be customised to cover an extended range from 1.5 µm to 5 µm. It can capture up to 200 frames per second at full frame (640 pixels × 512 pixels) and up to 600 frames per second when windowing (320 pixels × 512 pixels). It features patent-pending real-time processing and real-time temperature calibration. It can also be equipped with automatic exposure control in order to adjust the exposure time according to the scene’s dynamic temperature varions.

Block Engineering has announced the availability of the LaserBench spectrometer, a QCL-based infrared spectrometer which is fully compatible with standard FT-IR accessories. This instrument provides users access to the next-general QCL-based spectrometer with the added convenience and flexibility of using off-the-shelf FT-IR accessories. The system can be used to evaluate new applications of QCLs for non-contact, stand-off infrared spectroscopy, high-resolution infrared microscopy and analysis of traditionally difficult targets such as highly optically absorbing surfaces.

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An ultra-stable FT-IR spectrometer platform for OEM incorporation into industrial analysers. The interferometer contains all required elements in a monolithic block and uses a moving cube-corner retroreflector which is insensitive to tilt and self-corrects any image displacement caused by shear motion. An inertially-compensated rotor mounting prevents external vibrational accelerations from producing net displacement in the direction of motion.

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A rugged miniature lightweight FT-IR interferometer with low power operation. A laser diode and laser detector are included and the instrument is sealed from the environment with input/output optics. Drive and sampling electronic and software package are available.

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An imaging remote chemical sensing system based on the combination of a Michelson interferometer with a focal plane array detector. Developed for a wide range of applications it enables the detection, identification and quantification of a wide range of organic molecules in the atmosphere.

Designed to interface with small and flexible FT-IR spectrometers, the probe features broad mid-IR spectral response, providing detailed quantitative analysis based on specific chemical functional groups. When used with Bruker Alpha instruments and Axiom’s SI-Alpha1 interface module, the probe provides 30% transmission.

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The 3rd generation FT-IR OEM module combines robustness with compact design. It has an embedded microprocessor with built-in digital signal processor running a stand-alone OS and can be integrated with the adequate measurement module such as ATR transmission, reflection or white cell.

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Anasys Instruments has added arbitrary polarisation control to their nanoIR nanoscale IR spectroscopy system which enables users to measure and visualise molecular orientation with nanoscale spatial resolution which is particularly useful in the study of polymeric fibres where molecular orientation is important to controlling their properties.

Comes with a heated gas cell, transfer lines, transfer optics and a dedicated MCT detector encased in a fully purgeable external module. Zero-volume fittings are used to connect the GC column to the transfer column and the transfer column to the GC detector.

A completely portable multi-fuel analyser for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel blends. The analyser uses more than 12,000 data points from the IR spectrum to determine the concentration of molecules in a sample, yielding a fingerprint of more than 40 fuel properties. It comes fully configured and ready for fuel testing, is adaptable and can add unlimited new parameters at the push of a button.