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Konica Minolta Sensing Americas has partnered with B & W Tek to produce a new thermoelectric cooled miniature spectral irradiance meter, the SpectraRad, designed for industrial and laboratory light measurement applications with a USB 2.0 interface. It is equipped with a right angle, fibre-optically-coupled cosine corrector and is irradiance-calibrated against a NIST traceable tungsten light source. BWSpec software, which is included, provides for the characterisation and measurement of many lighting devices and systems. The standard software features include time line recording, data smoothing, illuminance, chromaticity, colour temperature, externally triggered pulsed light capturing and other data-handling functions. It is ideal for lamp and LED characterisation, colour analysis, photostability testing, photobiology and photochemistry.

Konica Minolta
Issue: 22-05
RSN: 109

Ocean Optics has introduced its new light measurement system, the Jaz-ULM-200, which provides spectroradiometric analysis of LEDs, lamps, flat panel displays and other radiant sources.

The new MM-16 NIR spectroscopic ellipsometer from Horiba Jobin Yvon is dedicated to thin film characterisation, determining thickness, optical constants and optical bandgap of materials in the wavelength range 515–1000 nm. It features a CCD detection system for rapid and accurate measurement down to 1 s /determination and a 200 µm microspot allows characterisation of patterned samples. When fully automated, the system provides fast uniformity mapping of film thickness and optical constants and it is designed to be configured in different ways for different applications. It is controlled by DeltaPsi2 software which provides a display of mapping results on semi-conductor wafer and glass panels, statistical analysis of data, import/export package function and data reprocessing capabilities.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS Issue: 21/03 RSN: 105

Instrument Systems has launched the DTS140 NVIS, the latest addition to the company's CCD-based spectroradio­meters which are used for carrying out measurements on night vision compatible displays and panel graphics. This new instrument enables displays to be tested with a turn-key plug-and-play system which takes measurements within 30 seconds. The system is a low cost option that meets the Spectro 320 industrial standard. NVIS radiance can be measured even at 0.5 fL and as polarisation errors are minimal, LCD displays can be tested precisely. The system uses SpecWin Pro software for Windows XP and Vista, which enables measured values to be conveniently analysed and documented in detail, basic pass/fail rate reports to be delivered and fully automated test and measurement operations in production environments to be carried out.Instrument SystemsIssue: 20/05 RSN:

The CS-2000 from Konica Minolta is a polychromator-type spectro­radiometer capable of measuring down to luminances of 0.003cd m–2, enabling contrast measurements of 1000,000 : 1. It provides measurement performance essential for the manufacture and development of various light-emitting devices, including top-class displays. In addition, it offers switchable measurement angles to measure not only general areas but also very small regions. High repeatability is achieved using a design that eliminates mechanical and electrical noise sources, and polarisation error generated when using a reflection-type diffraction grating is reduced, enabling more stable measurements of display devices such as LCDs that use polarised light. Necessary functions can be directly selected with the simple but comprehensive operation panel and since a colour LCD is used, spectral graphs can be displayed on the instrument itself without the need for a separate computer. The data management software enables the CS-200 to be controlled from a computer as well as visual, easy to understand displays of measurement data together with various types of evaluation and analysis.Konica MinoltaIssue: 19/06 RSN: